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10 weeks in R&D

No description

Jian-Nan Yeap

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of 10 weeks in R&D

10 weeks in R&D
Week 1
Fast forward 10 weeks
Valuable Lessons
1. Campbell James
2. Jeff Zhao
3. Sam Mannings
4. Shlomi Levi
5. Richard Johnstone

The University of Melbourne:
1. Peter Goldsmith
2. Robert Gordon
Role & Goals
R&D Intern
- Rn4020 Scripting and Beacon Mode
- RN4020 has 3 analog pins and 4 digital pins
- Input voltage range to the analog pins are 0 to 1.3V
- Digital high is 1.5V and above
- Digital low is 1.0V and below
- Suitable for simple applications
Further Work
Two way communication
1. Control water tank pump
2. Turn ON/OFF lights
3. Turn ON/OFF battery chargers
4. Lock/UNLOCK doors

Multiple users able to perform actions just by downloading the app onto their phone/tablet

Current Findings
1. RN4020 can run broadcast and receiver mode simultaneously
2. Android 5.0 and above
Allow multiple users to receive readings at once without Bluetooth connection:
1. Battery Health
2. Powersource output
3. Water tank level
4. Lights ON/OFF
Approach To Building Things
1.Engineering method
2. Documentation
3. Systematic approach
4. Will face problems
5. Teamwork, have to ask people, saves so much time
Leadership and Management
- Lead by experience and examples
- Weekly discussions to update all staff (Aus + Mas)
- I spearheaded the project, it was the first of its kind in the company
- People management wise, to attain a leadership role in SETEC's R&D , experience and knowledge is crucial.
Feedback and Improvements
1. Ask feedback Campbell
2. Did I achieve my goal?
Thanks to Campbell's experience and him giving me manageable projects, Projects that campbell gave me were completed. As for my personal goals, I forged some amazing bonds with colleagues i.e Nick has a really cute daughter that will only have dinner when dad's around, Shlomi is passionate about motorcycles and Mourad loves fishing, Campbell holds an impressive amount of personal patents, David loves BMW and find its a shame my wall paper is a merce not a BMW
3. What would I do better next time?
4. Take on a leadership role
Everything in Between
1. Bluetooth Beacon
2. Analog Readings From Solar Panel
3. Digital Readings From Water Tank
4. BLE Beacon and Trickle Charger Integration
Building the Beacon
Broadcasting Analog Readings From Solar Panel
Broadcasting Digital Signals from Water Tank
BLE Beacon and Trickle Charger Integration
1. Choose BLE module
2. Beacon mode
3. RN4020 Scripting feature
4. Able to run a loop
5. 3 Analog Pins
6. 4 Digital Pins


1. Similar script as solar panel beacon
2. Identify the measurement points on the trickle charger
3. Design the circuit - two voltage dividers and a voltage regulator
4. Integrate the beacon to the charger
5. Modify App
1. Determine which information is useful
1. Scripting
1. Faulty RN4020
1. With the current design, the output terminals CAN still be shortcircuited but CANNOT be swapped.
2. Multimeter probe damage the trickle charger due to accidental shortcuiting some components.
1 censor to multiple tablet/smartphones
1 tablet/smartphone to receive from multiple censors
Professional Goals : Develop functional beacon prototype
Personal Goals : Communication Skills with colleagues
1. Constantly relate material to end goal
2. Write down thought process and findings
1. LED as indicator
1. Replace RN4020
1. Just be careful
1. Programming the Bluetooth Module
2. Voltage and Current Measurement
3. Power Supply and Weather Proofing
4. The App and Data Processing

1. Program the Bluetooth Module to utilise the digital pins
2. Set Up the Water Sensing Circuitry
3. The App & The Bitmap
Less slides on technical stuff
More on Relating to the Engineering competency
Role In the Internship
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