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Kibritsustania a Gunpowder Empire

Our own gunpowder republic and how we solved majority of the problems facing the gunpowder republic.

Jacob Jessen

on 27 January 2010

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Transcript of Kibritsustania a Gunpowder Empire

Kibritstustania A.To solve the problem of nomadic people with warrior traditions: our empire showed the benefits of settlement within a community and we incoporated the nomadic traditions into the community. We also took advantage of their military skill. (Safavid & Ottoman) B. Military leaders are in charge of the state thus eleminating the problem of the Nomadic warriors being loyal to the military leaders instead of the state. (Ottoman/Osman) C and D. Our leaders will have a multicultural lineage thus eradicating any future revolts due to cultural intolerance. (Akbar) E. To guarantee the loyalty of our offspring we will control the amount of contact they have to the outside world. We will put them into schools within our homes and indoctrinate them into our ways. f. Limit the power of tax collecters within regions and allow them to believe in their own religion. Inforce a system in which they are checked by the central government and if rulebreaking insues inforce harsh punishments and fines. In order of fine then punish. (Wild Card) G. Since there is such a diversity within our kingdom the resistance to advances in technology would also be met with equal support. (Akbar) H. Our empire would trade with the europeans to ensure our protection and also give us an alternate source of income. i. Due to our multicultural kingdom there will be multiple religions within it allowing us to have some sort of harmony. (Akbar) Territorial expansion will be handled through something similar to the Janissaries. Although we do not have Janissaries we do have a military based empire within our leaders. These leaders will then be capable to lead campaigns in conquest of other regions. (Ottoman/Osman)
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