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Career Options

No description

Megan Dougherty

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of Career Options

Career Options
Interior Design
Design spaces
Sketch plans
Select furniture and accessories
Create a timeline
Estimate costs
Place orders
Ensure customer satisfaction
Work Environment
Clean, comfortable offices
Merchant Wholesalers
Furniture stores
Design services
Architectural, engineering, etc...
How To Become One
Bachelor's Degree
Interior Design
Computer aided design
Median annual wage- $47,600

Between $25,670 and $86,900
Job Outlook
Grow 13% (2012-2022)

Fashion Designers
Study fashion trends
Design Collections
Get fabric samples
Work with other designers/team members to create a design
Present ideas for fashion or trade shows
Market designs
Oversee final production of their designs
Work Environment
Work in:
Wholesale manufacturing establishments
Apparel companies
Theater/Dance companies
Design firms
Held 22,300 jobs in 2012
How To Become One
Bachelor's degree:
Fashion design
Fashion Merchandising
Know the production process
Be creative
Median: $62,860 (2012)
Between: $34,110-$126,290
Job Outlook
Decline 3% from 2012-2022
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