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All you'll ever need to know about fashion!

Charli Lou Cox

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Fashion

Technology Of The Future Transport of the Future Communication of the Future House of the Future Kitchen Of the Future Bathroom Of the Future Living Room Of the Future Bedroom Of the Future Computers Of the Future Phones Of the Future Cars Of the Future Planes Of the Future Trains Of the Future Thank You for watching my
Prezi on Technologies of the Future.
Charli Lou Automatic Shower Shower Temp Body Control Eco-Flush Toilet Solar Powered Hot Water Auto-Rinse Sink Auto-Dry Room Email/telephone fridge Blue-tooth activated oven Computer controlled kitchens Intelligent smoke alarms Electronic delivery boxes Video camera for message recording Dinner suggestions based on the contents in the fridge Video recorded recipes Gives you fashion advice Tailor made local information from food store, library, school, traffic report, local news etc Reminds you when to take your medication Touch Operated Family Calendar It talks to you Touch Screen TV Touch Computer/Laptop Touch Entertainment System Watches/clothes as phones Auto-translates to your own language Messages projected on walls Emails projected on walls I-phones used for everything IM Wireless technology everywhere Alternative maglev transport Cars that drive themselves, Super-speed aeroplanes, Zero gravity cars, Cars without wheels
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