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Tibor Benkő

About me and my work

Tibor Benko

on 23 November 2011

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Transcript of Tibor Benkő


just a 38 years old guy
from Hungary
crazy about
exploring everything
related to multimedia
Curious about my works?

I've been working on print/publishing, web, music, and animation in the last 15 years
One of my graphic design works
was awarded as
Business Card
of year 2007
in Hungary
See you!
I love flash and it's capabilities!

I even programmed php/xml driven flash calculators and an xml driven flash website.
I believe that iXD, Web or UI design is not only about graphics and cannot be designed well without a good knowledge and understanding of the programming language used.
check it out here
I always try to find the simplest and the most functional solution.
I do believe that in most cases
I'm Tibor Benkő
I do know javascript, HTML and PHP and have no problem using them.

I do not consider myself a top programer but I can do the job if there is a need for.
check out my latest calculator here
Animating is a heavy time consuming activity but I enjoy every second of it.
Todays financial calculators are complicated, hard to use and understand for the average people.
I tried to change that by braking the habits.
Wanna see a website driven fully by javascript?

In 2004 I won the Public's choice award on a comic contest organized at www.rajz.film.hu with a lightly animated and interactive flash comic.
I love singing and writing music in my mini studio at home.

I am not a professional musician, but who cares as long as it sounds good?
... and thanks for watching.
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