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MArch Thesis


Camilla Do

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of MArch Thesis

Plato has articulate the term Chora as the third state of space. In Timaeus, Plato uses the three metaphors, being-becoming -chora, to explain the cosmos. Chora is coined to bridge “being” and “becoming”. In other words, chora admits no destruction in the condition for things to come to the state of being. In chora, the acts of being and becoming coexist. Chora pulls the chaotic state of cosmos in its “balance space”. To draw an analogy, if human participation in design is considered as in the state of “being”, computer manipulates the act of “becoming”, the BLOB is perceived as cosmos chora, a melting point of responsive realms. A BLOBBY chora carries authentic tactile feelings of human to the inherent spaces as well as the flexibility of spatial transformation.To my understanding, the articulation of sensibility within the flow occurring during the process of transformation has made chora become more tangible. ALGORYTHM SITE HUMAN GAUSSIAN DISTRIBUTION STRUCTURE NATURE + - PUSH PULL The design goals have been set to integrate sustainability into building strategies.

Economy: •Participate in the job market•Revitalize Savannah’s North-West corridor and its connection with Garden City•Set up sustainable prototype of an enclosed chain: “manufactory – facility research – exhibit and marketing” •Attract tourists and investment to the area

Society:•Establish mutual relationship between Savannah and the paper pulp industry with focus on historical value as well as cutting edge technology•Improve the slump condition of the North-West corridor by appropriate architectural design language•Reduce unemployment rate by generating new job

Environment:•Eliminate the “smell” issue of paper pulps by investigating in researching advanced technology•Improve Savannah’s air quality•Generate grassroots movement in green design for the region as well as the paper industry AUDITORIUM HUMAN FLOW AS ATTRACTOR HUMAN FLOW AS ATTRACTOR FOLD, FLEX, AND FLIP SUN SHADE SOLAR RADIATION - HEAT GAIN SHADOW REFLECTION SKIN CAN FLIP TO OPTIMAL POSITION WHERE INSULATION LAYER IS APPRORIATELY LOCATED AGAINST THE HEAT FLOW, CONSEQUENTLY REDUCE HEAT GAIN OR LOST Design algorithm is mathematical bases to develop the project forms. The evolution of each building component’s form transformation is the altered under complex conditions at the site. However, decision making belongs to the designer. MAGNETIC DISPLACEMENT POINT CLOUDS DISTRIBUTION SITE NORMAL DISTRIBUTION VECTOR DIAGRAM ECOTECT RADIAION ANALYSIS ECOTECT TO GRASSHOPPER SUN VECTOR OPERABLE SHADING TYPE 1 OPERABLE SHADING TYPE 2
CORESSPONDING TO SUN VECTOR The term 'blob architecture' was coined by architect Greg Lynn in 1995 in his experiments in digital design with meta-ball graphical software. Soon a range of architects and furniture designers began to experiment with "blobby" to create new and unusual forms. Despite its seeming organicism, blob architecture is unthinkable without meta-ball and other similar computer-aided design programs. Architects derive forms by manipulating the algorithms of existing forms. The computer aided design functions involved in developing blob are the nonuniform rational B-spline or NURB, freeform surfaces, and the digitizing of sculpted forms by means akin to computed tomography. Due to inadequate investigation toward the sustainability of forms and material, the blobs, as the exclusive product of digital architecture, is confined within virtual reality of liquid architecture. Decoding hypersurfaces’ rationale of form and examining appropriate application of materials with regards to human behavior can liberate sustainable hypersurfaces, and consequently, establish a linkage between sustainable and electronic design. BRIDGING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT & BLOBITECTURE by COMPUTATIONAL FOLDING
Excellent Thesis Award, Master of Architecture, Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, 2010 My thesis project is the International Paper Inc. research/ exhibit center as an extension of the main plant at Savannah, Georgia. The site is in Savannah's North-West region, with close proximity to International Paper Inc, Savannah river, and the historical downtown. HEAT GAIN DAYLIGHT ACCESS HEAT LOST The design process has been carried on with the support of digital architectural tools in form making methods such. Nevertheless,the connection between digital application and human tactile is considered with regards to human psychological, behaviorism, and perception.
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