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Authoritative Parenting

No description

Isabel Molina

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Authoritative Parenting

authoritative parenting : have high expectations for their children but also provide resources and support that their children need
Listen To Their Children
Encourage independence
Place limits and set expectations
Express warmth and nutrients
Allow children to express
Encourage children to discuss options
Administer Fair And Consistent Discipline
Children Are Sure And Confident
Children Approach Parents In Case Of Queries
Children Take Responsibility For Their Actions
There Is A Mutual Respect
Mental and Emotional Balance
Can Put Parents In A Fix
Needs A Lot Of Patience
Rules and Regulations Have To Be Ever Evolving
Video Example
I encourage my child to talk about their feelings
I try to help when my child is scared or upset
I provide my child with reasons for the expectations I have for them
I respect my child's opinion and encourage them to express them...even if they are different from my own
Authoritative Parenting
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