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Birmingham, Alabama

No description

courtney clark

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham, Alabama I AM NORMAL I TELL YOU Birmingham, Alabama would be a good place to hold the NCAA tournament because you could enjoy the attractions and entertainment before or after a game. There are things to do for people of every age. For adults, they could enjoy going to the Comedy Club Stardome, where you can be entertained by some of the nation’s top comedians while enjoying great food and drinks. It is also used for other things like hosting corporate luncheons, award ceremonies, holiday events, banquets, and dinner parties. Birmingham, Alabama would be a good place to hold the NCAA tournament because they have good medical facilities in case anything goes wrong. You won’t have to worry about not being treated the way you want to be. The best facility in Birmingham to go to is the Birmingham Medical Center. The Birmingham VA Medical Center is a 313-bed acute tertiary care facility located in the historic Southside district of the city. The medical center serves as a referral center for this population area with 136 operating beds currently. Recent construction provides state-of-the-art facilities and equipment in all clinical programs. Care is provided in practically all medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties. The facility provides acute tertiary medical and surgical care to veterans of Alabama and surrounding states. Birmingham, Alabama is a town in the United States that has a lot to offer. When ever you go visit some where what do you do on you free time when there is absolutely nothing else to do? You watch TV or read a news paper or even a magazine. So before you go someplace you already know what you planning on doing. In Birmingham, Alabama there are magazines, newspapers, TV, billboards, and even radio shows. Birmingham has everything a normal city would have. When you go visit somewhere you always need a vehicle to drive around. In Birmingham, Alabama there are several rental car dealerships that are open 6 days a week. One of the car dealerships is called Enterprise Rent-A-Car. The car rental dealership is open Mondays-Friday 7:30am-6:00pm and on Saturdays from 9:00am until noon. The price starts at $9.99 a day with weekend discounts. The company is famous for great cars and low rates, along with free pick-up also offers a great business rental program to save you more time and money. Enterprise offers straight forward rate plans that make renting easy for businesses and their employees. They want you to enjoy the benefits of your rate plan at any one of your neighborhood or airport locations across North America, for business or pleasure. Birmingham, Alabama would be a great place for the NCAA tournament. It has many things that would make the stay enjoyable. Birmingham, Alabama has an airport that is close to the stadium and is actually in good shape. The prices are low so more people can fly instead of drive.
The airport is at a convenient location. The airport offers 120 flights daily to over 25 cities in the United States. Birmingham, Alabama Airport currently ranks in the country’s top 75. Birmingham Airport wants to make your flight as smooth as possible.
Birmingham is an amazing place to dine in or go out to eat. But with the great restaurants the have I would request that you dine out. They have some of the greatest southern cooking in the United States of America. One restaurant I would suggest that you attend is the Bottega cottage Italian restaurant. They are located at 2240 High land avenue south Birmingham Alabama 35205. To contact them call 205-939-100. They have some of the best Italian food that is served in the southern half of the United States of America. Here is a small section of there menu. A P P E T I Z E R
S a l u m i - s l i c e d t o o r d e r
Cacciatore, Barolo, Coppa, Sopressata, Prosciutto and Grissini 12
C h i l l e d S w e e t P e a S o u p w i t h B u t t e r y C r o u t o n s a n d M i n t P e s t o 8
C a r n e C r u d a P i e m o n t e s e
Beef Tenderloin, Mushrooms, Lemon and Sea Salt 1 3
B e e f C a r p a c c i o
Shaved Parmigianino, Horseradish and Arugula 11
T u n a C r u d o w i t h A v o c a d o , N a v e l O r a n g e s a n d G r i l l e d O n i o n 1 3
G r i l l e d A s p a r a g u s
Fresh Mozzarella, Vidalia Onion, New Potatoes and Prosciutto 11
P a r m e s a n S o u f f l é w i t h W i l d M u s h r o o m s a n d G a l l o n i P r o s c i u t t o 1 0
C r a w f i s h a n d S w e e t P e a R i s o t t o
Averiett Farm’s Watercress, Roast Cipollinis and Vermouth 12
F r i t t o M i s t o
Calamari, Shrimp, Oysters, Lemon and Spicy Aïoli 13
C r u s h e d S w e e t P e a a n d R i c o t t a B r u s c h e t t a
Radish, Mint and Lemon Agrumato 9
M i c h a e l ’ s L e t t u c e s
Spiced Pecans, Ricotta Salata and Alecia’s Tomato Chutney Vinaigrette 10
C a p e l l i n i B o t t e g a wi t h C r u s h e d T o m a t o e s , C h i l i a n d T o a s t e d G a r l i c 9
Homem a d e R a v i o l i
Crawfish, Pancetta, Ricotta and Chives 14
P o l l o R o s s o - - T w o W a y s
Grilled Breast and Braised Thigh with Peperonata Panzanella 22
M a i n e L o b s t e r a n d G u l f S h r i m p S p a g h e t t i
Crushed Tomato, Fresh Herbs and Ravida Olive Oil 34
G r i l l e d G r e g A b r a m s ’ T u n a
Braised Artichokes, New Potatoes, Charred Red Onion and Mushroom Relish 30
Ap a l a c h i c o l a G i g g e d F l o u n d e r
Grilled Lemon, Buttery Leeks, Vidalia Onions and Marinara 29
V e a l S c a l o p p i n e
Spring Onions, Sweet Peas, Vermouth and Roast Potatoes 26
V e a l C h o p M i l a n e s e
Creamy Mascarpone Polenta, Ribbons of Asparagus and Lemon 31
C o l o r a d o L a m b L o i n s t u f f e d w i t h D a n d e l i o n G r e e n s a n d C u r r a n t s
Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes, Carrots, Sweet Peas and Mint 28
T u s c a n - S t y l e F u d g e F a r m s P o r k P o r t e r h o u s e
Roast Potatoes, Watercress and Chimichurri 25
B e e f T e n d e r l o i n
Spring Onion Bread Pudding with Wilted Greens and Olive Oil 34
S i d e s 5 . 0 0
Olive Oil Crushed Potatoes Mascarpone Polenta Asparagus Peperonata
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