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No description

Sabine Wills

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of gps

The 2000's
The 2000's
Chris Markus, Sabine Wills, Alex Pelaez
Scare in the year 2000
Thought entire computer systems would crash
Dates often represented as "99"
Hardware Developments
The iPod, iPhone - portable computing devices
GPU - nVidia in released the GeForce 256 in 1999
Solid state memory
Touch Screens
SATA 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
USB 2.0, 3.0, 3.1
Hard drives - 30gb in 2000 to 16TB today
GPS - created by U.S. Government
Text Messaging - orginially SMS
YouTube - 2005 by PayPal employees
Google - 1997 after BackRub at Stanford
Social Media - 2004 Facebook Launched
Advancements in Networking
Replacing IPv4
uses 128-bit address rather than 32 bit (3.4x10ˆ38 addresses rather than 4.3 billion)
In 1999 apple introduced wifi to its ibook
Major Breakthroughs
Software Developments
Evolution of computers

Iterative Hardware and software upgrades - small improvements
Smaller and thinner laptops
Enthusiasts can easily build computers- plug and play
Touch screens start to emerge in computers as well

Upgrade from x86 to x64 instruction set
Mac OS and Windows go through iterative upgrades
Ubuntu released in 2004
Network integration of programs and collaboration on files (The Cloud)
Google drive, dropbox
Mobile OS's - iOS, Android
Mobile Apps
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