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Family Career Tree

No description

Denise Medrano

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Family Career Tree

Family Career Tree
Aunt - Rosa Rosales
Cousin - Elizabeth Rosales
Cousin - Carina Angon
Academic Background/Training
I have an associates degree right now, however, I am working towards my bachelor’s degree in accounting.
Current & Previous Work Experience
I'm a Staff Assistant for Mom and Baby Program at JPS Hospital. On a regular day I do data entry, filing, reports, answer phones, work on budgets, work on time and attendance reports, and order supplies.
I like everything about my job. I enjoy learning new things and being challenged. I also like that they are flexible with my schedule to attend school.
I wish there were more opportunities to move up the business scale.
I started this job because of my pregnancy with my son. I chose this job because it is in the field I enjoy.
I have worked in customer service, I was parent liaison at an elementary school, and I also worked for the school district as a bilingual tester.
I left these jobs because I wanted to better myself and I had
the opportunity to move up and earn more money.
View on a Job
What makes a job interesting to me is learning and overcoming new challenges.

Personally, a job that I can apply my skills to the fullest, would make me happy.

I would much rather be an account or an auditor for the IRS than doing this.
Major & Academic Background
Bachelor's of Science - psychology major, criminal justice minor
Work Environment
High School College Adviser with Advise TX, TCU Chapter. A typical day consists of assisting and advising senior students in preparation for the college application process. I usually have people come to me for fee waivers for the SAT/ACT tests as well as helping them apply for college, financial aid and scholarships. I usually see about 10-15 students a day.
I love being able to interact with my students and learning more about them and their backgrounds. Seeing my students strive for a better future and see their hard work pay off is probably one of the better parts of my job. It really is such a rewarding experience.
I wish there were more resources available for the students.
Being a TCU graduate started it and I chose it because I wanted to serve others. I didn’t have this resource when I was applying to college and I would have definitely benefited from it. I wanted to be the help and guidance that I didn’t have during my college application process.

Previous Jobs
I have had many jobs; retail, office work, internships, work study, etc.

Most of those jobs and internships were seasonal, usually during the summer. A few of my work-study jobs were at my residence halls and once the year was over I had to move out and find another job. Eventually when I was hired for an office job for work-study, I graduated and was no longer able to work.

View on a job

What makes a job interesting to me is if there are plenty of interactions with people and if it is a fast paced with a lot of tasks to complete.

If you enjoy your job, you will be happy. There will be days where you may become frustrated or have “off days” but if your job is something that you truly love, the good will outweigh the bad and bring happiness.

If I was not an adviser, I would be in graduate school, full-time.

Academic Background/Training
I don’t have a major. As for academic, just high school experience.
Current & Previous Work Experience
Insurance Agent (Sales) & Executive Secretary. Activities include answering the phone, book flights & lodging, reviewing Sales Leaders expenses, book appointments & meetings.
I like the environment, people & opportunities available & that Starbucks is only a block away.
Location, I wish my job was located closer to home.
I never would've thought or pictured myself in the insurance industry. I was looking into a new opportunity due to the seasonal employment I had at that time. I posted my resume on Monster, Career Builder & Yahoo. I received a call one day about a possibly opportunity and I went in for the interview and was offered the job. I started with State Farm Dec 1, 2010.
Other jobs that I have had, have mainly been in the retail industry and restaurant industry. Lady’s foot locker, Kid to Kid, McDonald’s,
Joe T. Garcia’s, Marine Creek Nursing home, to name a few.
I was, have always been, am looking for a better opportunity.
So when a good opportunity arose I took it.
View on a Job
What makes a job interesting to me is learning something new every day. I think when someone comes to work and has a very routine job, they tend to lack in production.
I believe in Confucius’ statement, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” The environment and surroundings have a lot to do with being happy about your job.
If I could choose a different job or profession, I’d pick something in the law enforcement/criminal justice field.

Angel Medrano
Academic Background and Job Experiences.
So my dad never went to school as a kid because he used to live in Mexico and work on the fields to support the family.

Now, he is a crane operator at Northwest Pipe Co. He moves around the huge pipes used for water transmission as well as the tubular products and sometimes help people with welding these pipes. He got this job after a few friends persuaded him to join the rival company and didn’t get hired there so he went to Northwest Pipe. He wishes that people would be allowed to move up a ladder, like he did back then, to let people kinda grow.

My dad has done hard labor much of his life, working in the fields, construction and landscaping. He stopped doing
these because each time, something better was
View on a Job
To him, a hands on job is what he prefers instead of something routine and being in an office.

Believes that if someone is very passionate about what they’re doing, it won’t feel like they’re working and fill them with happiness.

And lastly, my dad honestly couldn’t see himself doing something else.
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