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The Gladiator Hero's Journey

No description

Isaak Loya

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Gladiator Hero's Journey

Crossing the First Threshold Meeting a Mentor The Ordinary World A Call to Adventure The Call The Return The Transformation The Initiation Trials, Tests, Allies & Enemies/Adversity Temptation Away from the Path The Supreme Ordeal/Abyss Reward for Seizing the Sword Master of Two Worlds Resurrection Free to Live The Gladiator 12 Stages in the Hero's Journey Stage #2 Stage #3 Stage #4 Stage #5 Stage #6 Stage #1 stage #7 Stage #8 Stage #9 Stage #10 Stage #11 Stage #12 In AD 180, General Maximus Decimus Meridias from Caceres, Spain was in charge of the Northern Roman Army. Loved and highly respected by the Roman Emperor and his fierce soldiers. After fighting the German barbarians for 2 years and 164 days Maximus was tired, wishing to go home to see his wife and 8 year old son. Emperor Marcus Aurelius embraces Maximus as his son and tells him to take leadership over the roman empire. When Marcus tells his real son Commodus what he plans to do, Commodus murders him. When Maximus refuses to believe that Marcus died of natural causes, Commodus orders the execution of Maximus and his family. However Maximus escapes and returns home, too late to save his precious family. He collapses and is later picked up by slave traders. He is then sold as a gladiator to Proximo. Proximo, an ex-Gladiator, had won his freedom by Marcus Aurelius a long time ago. Now he trained and recruit more gladiators to make him rich. In the mean time Maximus fights versus his inner conscious wanting nothing more but to be reunited with his family in the afterlife. "But not yet, not yet," Juba tells him. Maximus purpose in life was not done yet. He served a greater purpose. Maximus had to take his revenge and fulfill the dying wish of his true emperor Marcus Aurelius. To accomplish this, Maximus was to fight his way to make the crowd happy. Making his audience happy would help him become powerful and well known in all of Rome. People loved him, finally Commodus decided to meet with this so called "Spaniard" on the floor of the colosseum, and to his horror, discovers not only is Maximus still alive, but is all consumed by revenge. The Emperor, unable to kill Maximus because of the crowd's approval for him, puts him in several weighted battles, but Maximus continues to win. For Maximus home was no longer literal, it was spiritual. He wanted to go back "home" with his family already waiting for him in the afterlife. He wanted freedom from all corruption and violence. Maximus was praised by everyone in the crowd now, he was everyone's favorite Gladiator, except for Commodus. Wanting Maximus dead, Commodus continue to throw everything he had in the arena at Maximus. But Maximus was always victorious. Finally, frustrated, Commodus challenges Maximus to fight in the arena. Before the fight, Commodus stacks the cards against Maximus by stabbing him with a dagger and puncturing his left lung. Maximus is then forced to fight and eventually kills the emperor Commodus. Maximus then collapses and begins slipping into the afterlife, where he will meet his wife and son again, exhausted from the long painful journey. Maximus was free. Maximus Decimus Meridias, a General in the Roman Army, leads his soldiers to victory against Germanic barbarians in the year 180 AD. Because Maximus is a respected man of simple morals, the dying Aurelius decides to appoint him as the new leader of Rome, and transition the empire into a true Republic. Maximus first declines the offer but agrees to consider it. Maximus just wants to go home where his wife and son are anxiously waiting for him. Maximus looks up to Caesar Marcus Aurelius and embraces him as a father. Marcus Aurelius tells him that Rome must give the power back to the senate, being a government of the people, and for the people. Commodus kills his father and orders Maximus and his family murdered. Maximus then escapes, goes home but gets there late, his wife and son are crucified and burned alive. He is then taken captive and sold as a slave to Proximo. There is no way back. Purchased by Proximo, Maximus and Juba have to fight in the local wooden arena. Maximus then defends himself in the arena displaying his exceptional combat skills to Proximo, the audience and his fellow gladiators. Juba and Maximus meet Hagen, a barbarian Gladiator, who also becomes their friend. Maximus, filled with anger and guilt because of his murdered family, feels bitter and betrayed, he cuts out his shoulder tattoo labeled S.P.Q.R which Roman soldiers were required to were. He missed his family, but now he was to survive and accomplish what he was born to do. Maximus is living in a constant battle for survival, fighting heavily armored Gladiators, proving himself an exceptional entertainer. He turns his stress and anxiety into motivation and leadership. Maximus overcomes his fear and now fights with a purpose. Killing everything they throw at him in the Colosseum. The crowd starts to favorite Maximus in all of his battles. He becomes well known and highly respected by his fellow Gladiators and audience. It seemed to Maximus that his purpose in life was lost. Impatient still in a cell as a prisoner, Maximus thought he would never be a free man again. It was his new job as a Gladiator, thrusting his sword into a rivals body, entertaining the audience. He was always victorious. Commodus hates Maximus now, plots the death of Maximus in the arena of Rome. Commodus himself wants to kill Maximus. Maximus is forced to fight with the wound concealed. Maximus, fighting wounded manages to kill Commodus. As Commodus dies Maximus starts to flow in and out of the afterlife. Maximus then requests for all of his fellow gladiators to be released, and that a democratic, senate-style government be reinstated in Rome. Maximus begins to see his family in the afterlife as his men come to his side. Once he made his final requests, Maximus drifts away into the afterlife to see his beloved family. His purpose is reached. He is then free to live in the afterlife. In Zucchabar, Morocco, Maximus is taken into slavery and trained as a Gladiator by Proximo. Maximus had to stay alive, fighting with strength and honor, proving himself worthy. Though he initially refuses to fight, Maximus, now known only as "The Spaniard" is labeled a coward. In his first battle as a Gladiator he is chained to Juba, an African slave. Maximus and Juba later become friends with Hagens, a barbarian also fighting for his freedom. Maximus defeats all other gladiators in the arena. The crowd starts to love him as he swings and penetrates his sword into another man's flesh. He becomes an entertainer. Refusal of the Call For eternity.
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