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Eva Galler

No description

parkin costain

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Eva Galler

Eva Galler Eva Galler was born in Oleszyce Poland, on January 1st 1924. There were 7,000 familes where she lived, and half were Jews. Her father was the head of the jewish community, the head of the Kehilah. Eva Galler was born in Oleszyce Poland, January 1st 1924.

There were 7,000 families where she lived, and half of them were Jewish.

Her father was the head of the Jewish community, the head of the Kehilah. Eva escaped the death train, unfortunately one of her sisters, and one of her brothers were both shot when they tried to jump out of the train after her. Some how Eva was not shot, probably because she jumped first and took the SS by surprise. Also one of her friends jump out and somehow made it. When Eva was trying to find a place to live, she was caught by a German Farmer, and worked there under a fake religion and name until the end of the war. She now lives happily in New York City. "We were a big family, we were eight children, two parents."

"I am the oldest of the eight children."

"Even the ss people sat on the rooftop of the train and shot, but everybody took a chance." The things I admire about Eva Galler are how courageous and cool she was by jumping out of a train and everything, and also how smart and brave she is by changing her religion to catholic so she wouldn't be killed and also her name. Overall I think she is a pretty awesome person. http://www.holocaustsurvivors.org/



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