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Jira Introduction 20 Dec 2012

No description

Hooi Peng Loh

on 19 December 2012

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Transcript of Jira Introduction 20 Dec 2012

Introduction About Jira Agenda What is Jira JIRA URL What is Jira
Who is using Jira, Acct Provisioning
Jira client/server software
Jira concept
Getting started with Jira
How to creating Issue/Comment
Searching Issue
Filtering/Subscription to Filtering
New features in Jira 5.1
Tips/Jira message/errors
Useful link
Q & A Atlassian Product
Helpdesk system, Issue, bug tracking
2 Jira instance: TMD JIRA & ITJIRA
Both are web application (supported browser: Chrome, IE (compatibility view not supported), Safari
End Users/Account provisioning (jira-users , jira-developer Development tier:

Test Tier:-

Prod Tier:
http://itjira.natinst.com/jira Jira client/server software Jira version 5.1
Oracle JDK 1.6.0_32
Apache Tomcat version 6.0.29
Oracle database
Authentication server: LDS Jira Concept Project (project component, version) Getting started to JIRA Log in to itjira
First screen is dashboard Customized Dashboard Create & Share
Edit layout Keyboard Shortcut Quick and easy way of navigating through JIRA
How to enable
How to get the shortcut screen
4 types of shortcut
Global shortcut
Navigating Issues
Issues Actions
Agile Shortcut Creating Issue Searching Issue Filtering/Subscription to the Filtering Save your filter, share among Project, Group. New feature in Jira 5.1 Inline editing User Profile Documentation & Useful URL Jira User's Guide

Try Atlassian University (free course/lesson)

ASMT itjira platform information
http://niweb.natinst.com/confluence/display/AppsAdmins/ITJIRA+-+Jira+4+IT Q & A Tips/ JIRA message/errors 1. 12-14 06:37:441. "JIRA Access Constraints"
Indicate that jira is being reindexed , and unavailable to use JIRA 2. Permission violation 4. Move Ticket/Issue [Project & Issue type] Quick/Simple search (using Issue ID, text search) Create Issue button Add gadget to dashboard
Assigned to me
Issues In Progress
Filter Results
Watched Issues
Rearrange/Remove Gadget Customized your user profile Through email to itjira@ni.com Subscribe to the filter & send based on your scheduled time Can edit/delete/un-subscript filter? Tips/ JIRA message/errors Tips/ JIRA message/errors 3. Drag and Drop of attachments
•FireFox 3.6+
•Chrome 5+
•Safari 5 6. Jira shorcut 5. Copy & Paste/Attached screen shot Or Auto Watch Feature **http://kb.mozillazine.org/Granting_JavaScript_access_to_the_clipboard Advanced search using JQL Regular search (issue navigator, attribute) Workflow Issue
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