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The Neu Family

No description

alecia neu

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of The Neu Family

The Neu Family Tracy Ireland and Mike Neu When did my
parrents get married Where did my parents
go on their honey moon How old were my
parents when they met How old were they when they got married In 1994 I was born How old were my parents when I was born Two years after I was born my parents had their second child Olivia and I got along very well When Olivia was three and I was five Tracy and Mike
had their third and last baby her name was Hailey Tracy's family My mom had both a mother and a father and my mother also had three sisters. Kelly, Wendy, Debbie My father also has both a mother and a father, and a sister, Karen. My grandpa and grandma's dog had puppies so my parents decided to get a puppy In the year 2000 sammy died, that same year my grandpa died. I was five years old. My Father's Family After our dog sammy died we got a
cat for Olivia his name was Bingo After a few year my parents realized that
Olivia and I were highly allergic to cats, so
we had to get rid of bingo In the same year after Hailey's birth in the year 2000 we got a abondoned dog his name was George, he was a border collie mixed with black lab. Olivia's and I where afraid of George hurting us, this gave our parents the oppurtunity to give George to a better family to take more care of him. Once we found George a new home, we went on vacation to flordia with my grandparents. we got rid of all our pets till
my twelveth bithday then Olivia got her first
hamster named Dorble Buddy Then my hamster Buddy died
so I got a new hamster named bessie Olivia then got a hamster named CoCo When both mine and Olivia's hamsters died
Hailey finaly got her first hamster named Cammie I am now 15 years old Hailey still has Cammie
but he is on his final year THE END The last hamster I had
was named Mitchie By: Alecia Neu
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