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No description

Aliris Dickens

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Cullins

What are the job responsibilities? They specialize with children from the ages infants till 18 years of age.

What education is required for this career? Be specific
The course you have to (recommended)
Biology - 1-2 courses of basic, 1 course of genetics, 1 course of microbiology, 1 course of molecular biology.
Chemistry - 1-2 courses in basic, 1-2 courses of Organic Chemistry.
Physics - 1 course in basic.
Math - 2 courses in calculus.
4 Years of medical school
3 Years of Residency school.

What colleges offer the major or certification program needed for this career?

What’s the salary range for this career?
1-2 Years - $ 135,000
3 or More - $ 175,000
Maximum - $ 271,000
Aliris Dickens
Career Analysis Project
(Pediatrician) Natalia M. Tanner
First Black Peditrican About the Career
What’s the future for this career in 10 years? There would be lots and lots of more pediatricans

Where in the U.S. and in the world will this career most likely be in the highest demand in the future? maybe in biqqer buildinqs.

Career Outlook What type of computer applications are they developing or using on a daily basis? wireless phones, oxygen tanks, temp. checkinq machiens Technology 1.Who are the customers that this career deals with? Infants - 18Years Old
2.How do people in this career work with other businesses? They have to talk face to face to the customer or the parent.(B2B)

Customers 1.What problems most often need to be solved in this career? Helpinq the younger kids with there sickiness or problems
2.How is math used in this career? Addinq up the money

Science & Math What type of written and verbal skills are important in:
1.working in teams and helpinq kids with ills and sickness.
2.dealing with customers such as dealinq with pateints and parents

Written & Verbal Communications The End Thanks For Watchinq!
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