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Advanced Blogging

Chapter 2 of Journalism Next

Jon Zmikly

on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of Advanced Blogging

Chapter 2, Journalism Next
Advanced Blogging
Reasons to blog:
Learn how to use a content management system
Build an audience for your writing/reporting
Cultivate a collaborative community
Writing practice
Every college journalist should have a blog.
commitment, dedication and determination
Blog are not magic
Blogs continue the conversation
Three Characteristics:
Frequently updated, presented in reverse, chronological order
Has headline and body; can include links, photos, other media
Allows for comments
No longer need to know HTML/Web design to have a website
Evolution of blogs - personal to professional
Do You Read Blogs? Which Ones?
Take 5 minutes to talk to your neighbor about the blogs you follow. What keeps you coming back? If you don't read blogs, talk about why you don't.
Reblog - Jonah Peretti
Permalink (direct access)
Trackback (credit)
Blogroll (suggestions)
Do your research. Learn the Lingo:
Determine what your blog will be about:
Create a blog
Why are you doing this (not only because you have to)?
What do you hope to get out of it?
Create a basic plan - name, description, mission
Choose a blog platform: Wordpress, Blogger, Tumblr, Posterous
Wordpress - free to host on their server, add a theme, you can pay for domain, access to customize CSS
Not easy!
Reader first, be concise, organize ideas
Be the authority, with a personality
Write clearly, edit
Make posts scannable with lists, bold text, subheads
Find Your Audience:
Link, summarize, analyze
Write good headlines
Have a good attitude (don't be evil)
Photos and videos
Participate in the community - read other blogs, comment and link to them
Post early, often (daily)
Be passionate about your topic
collaboration, sharing of knowledge, help, community
Blogs changed web publishing (9/11)
Blogs launched on news websites
More content, different voice
Dan Gillmor (@dangillmor)
San Jose Mercury News

Not just for journalism outlets
Blogs are simple, immediate and interactive
Some ethical issues
personal / professional, comments, "too conversational"
Establish goals:
Hear from the Pros
Matt Thompson, Editorial Product Manager at NPR
"Your Twitter timeline, your Facebook news feed, your Pinterest page - all of these would once have been described as sub-genres of the blog"

"The stream is more important than the story"
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