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Texas vs Johnson

No description

Carlos Padilla

on 19 December 2013

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Transcript of Texas vs Johnson

Texas vs Johnson
The Supreme Court Justices
Chief Justice
William Rehnquist
Associate Justices
William J. Brennan, Jr. · Byron White
Thurgood Marshall · Harry Blackmun
John P. Stevens · Sandra Day O'Connor
Antonin Scalia · Anthony Kennedy
The Main Point was is it Legal to burn the Flag of the U.S .
Many people were torn between two ways because of the First Amendment.
The First Amendment
Gregory Lee Johnson participated in a political demonstration during the Republican National Convention in Dallas, Texas, in 1984.
Demonstrators marched through the streets, chanted slogans, and held protests outside the offices of several corporations.
Background Cont.
. At one point, another demonstrator handed Johnson an American flag.
When the demonstrators reached Dallas City Hall, Johnson doused the flag with kerosene and set it on fire.
Supreme Court Justices
The First Amendment protects freedom
of speech,freedom of religion,and freedom of the press,as well as the right to assemble,right to protest,and petition to the government.
What Happened to Johnson
Johnson was charged with violating the Texas law that prohibits vandalizing respected objects.
He was convicted, sentenced to one year in prison, and fined $2,000.
He appealed his conviction to the Fifth Court of Appeals of Texas, but he lost this appeal.
In the photo below Johnson is with his attorney Kunstler.
The Decision
The opinion of the court came down to a
controversial 5-4 decision, with the majority
opinion delivered by William J. Brennan Jr,
and Justices Marshall, Blackmun,Scalia,
and Kennedy.It was decided that Johnsons
burning of the flag was protected by the first
How This affected The U.S
The US Code provides that it is illegal to burn the flag, but the United States Supreme Court has held, several times, that burning the flag is a protected form of speech.
Though the act of burning the flag is frowned upon
The End.


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