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Unlocked/Jailbroken Devices

No description

Bobby Yang

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Unlocked/Jailbroken Devices

Unlocked/Jailbroken Devices
Legal Implications
Jailbreaking is legal, however some actions you can do with jailbroken applications are illegal.
Illegal to unlock your smartphone if bought after January 26, 2013.

Ethical Implications
Some people may view unlocking/jailbreaking a phone is unethical, but there are many that see it as beneficial to them.
Potential Penalties
Unlocking your smartphone is now illegal and if you are caught, then you may be fined up to $500,000 and 5 years in prison.
There are many applications and programs that will help you jailbreak and unlock phones.
For example, evasiOn and redsnOw.
Why some people think it is legal
It is beneficial to the user because it opens up many different customizations and applications.

Why some peoplethink
it is illegal
The people who think it is illegal are usually the providers of the phone services, who would lose revenue if the customer jailbreaks/unlocks the phone.
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