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Iron Deficiency Anemia

No description

Jordy Portillo

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Iron Deficiency Anemia

9.6% of residents in the US suffer of iron deficiency anemia
Deaths per 100,000 population: 1.5
In developing countries every second pregnant woman and about 40% of preschool children are estimated to be anaemic.

Blood Transfusions

There are iron supplements that can be taken to increase the amount of iron.

Hemocromatosis (Men more susceptible to getting)
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People at risk
Pregnant Women
Women who menstruate heavily
Babies born with low birth weight or born prematurely
People with a diet that contains very little iron
Children who drink more than 16 ounces of cow milk

Iron Deficiency Anemia by Jordy Portillo
Shortness of breath
Frequent infections
Cold hands and feet
Inflammation or soreness of your tongue
Brittle nails
Fast heartbeat
Poor appetite
Restless legs syndrome
Make personal health better
Raise national productivity levels by as much as 20%.

To support countries in combating anaemia, WHO has developed guidelines on prevention and control of iron deficiency and anaemia together with a manual for assessing the magnitude of the problem and monitoring interventions
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