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Essential College Apps

No description

Collin B Furniss

on 22 November 2013

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Transcript of Essential College Apps

Essential College Apps
Your own schools App!
First and foremost if your university offers an App, get it now!
I just found out about this App this semester and it is awesome!
Blackboard App
If your university is compatible with Blackboard, get the app for your smartphone or tablet.
Time Wasters
Find some games or time waster apps to give yourself a break from school work from time to time.
Keep up on campus activities and events
Know when and where the Buses are currently
For freshman you even have a
(Most Universities have an App, if not that is a great opportunity for you!)
go to studyblue.com or download the app to start
Find your university and add your classes.
Once you have your classes you can add your own notes and/or flashcards.
Test yourself with your own notes or see what others have posted as review
It helps to have all of the material for each class, keep up on announcements, and stay current on your grades.
Personal Favorites
Angry Birds Star Wars II
Fantastic spin on a classic game, easily entertaining for several hours.
Plus Star Wars, win-win
Plants VS Zombies 2
I had low expectations for this game when I first saw it, but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it is.
It's simple to pick up. It's exciting. It really is a good game.
(I do not recommend playing for several hours at a time)
Easily my favorite App
A lot of categories to choose from with gif's, meme's, and videos that are popular online.
Guaranteed to make you laugh and make the day a little more funny.
-AKA College lifehacks-
Don't forget to download the Prezi App
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