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No description

Robert Kimble

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Oncology

Description of Career
An oncologist is a physician who specializes in the study of, diagnosis, and treatment of tumors caused by cancer.
Education for oncology is a long and typically expensive process, like that of most other medical specialization. Education is often very difficult as well, and only some who start out on the road to becoming an oncologist will make it all the way.
Oncology is a HIGH-paying job no matter where you go in the US, and Ohio oncologists get paid on average either about the same or a little more than those in other areas.
Future Job Outlook
Generally, the future of oncologists looks:
Other Characteristics
Oncologists come in several specializations, including radiation oncologists (use radiation therapy), medical oncologists (use chemotherapy), and surgical oncologists (surgery).
Weekly Hours
Oncologists typically work around 50 hours a week, which is a typical work week for many other careers. However, many oncologists (like other doctors) have reported working weeks of 65 or more hours, though these weeks are usually quite spread out.
Oncologists spend their time explaining to, diagnosing, and treating their patients. Oncologists also file reports on patients and their progress, and advise less experienced oncologists or non-specialized physicians.
High School
Medical School Entrance
Medical School
Post Med-School
- Biology
- Chemistry
- Physics
- Anatomy

- Algebra
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
-Earn a bachelor's degree of science.(chemistry, biology, anatomy, etc.)

- Calculus
- English
- Ethics
- Psychology

- Volunteering at hospitals is also recommended to gain medical experience.
You must pass an exam from the National Board of Medical Examiners.

Then, complete an internship (about one specific field) or a transitional year (about several fields you're deciding between)
It's basically a 3-5 year additonal training period in oncology, but you are paid actually quite a lot for it. Many residents start off with an annual salary of $40-50,000. Often
described as having unusually long hours, even in the medical field.
- College Prep.
- Oral Comm./Speech

Computer Science
Medical schools look at:
- scores on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)
- #/quality of professor recomendations

Even then, only 33% of applicants will be admitted.
1st & 2nd Years
include lab work
and lectures/classes
- Biochemistry
- Physiology
- Pharmacology
- Psychology
- Medical Ethics

3rd & 4th Years include hospital / clinic work, and rotations (brief periods of study in a particular medical field, usually including oncology).

about $155,000 annually
about $250,000 annually
about $390,000 annually
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it is estimated that employment for oncologists will grow by 24% in the next decade
anywhere with clinics & hospitals; almost guaranteed employment can be found in rural areas
Increase in Demand
The demand for oncolgists is expexted to grow in proportion to the increase of elderly in our nation.
Intelligence and a long education aren't the only things that you'll need as a successful oncologist.
Emotionally Balanced
Research and
Writing Skills
Prepared Emotionally/
Clear Communication
and Interpersonal Skills
Hard Working
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Another amount of time for training, though you're a bit more indpendent from instructors and are doing more work in situations like you'll experience during your actua career. You are a also known as a 'fellow' during this time.
Proficient w/ Technology
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