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Daniel and Henry Project

The Excretory System

Daniel Gomez

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Daniel and Henry Project

E E Eeeeg kdd Number
One The Excretory System The Kidneys Disposes of:
Uric Acid Salt
Water Urea
And turns it to
And turns it to.... Urine/Pee/Tinkle/Number 1, etc. The Main Organ
Filtration!!! The Removal of Wastes from the blood to prevent toxi posinoning.
Serperating Blood and Unwanted things
Puts some things into urine, and others back into the bloodstream. Urine goes down the ureters into the bladder, and stored there. Through the Process of... Until muscle contractions cause the urin to leave the body. in Excretion also takes place in the skin. In the form of Sweat AND, excretion takes place in our lungs when we breath in and out. Carbon Dioxide is exchanged for oxygen, where it is breathed out. This is how the excretory system contributes to homeostasis,
by regulating the salt and water balance in the body.
How to keep a healthy Excretory System: Excercise. Eat Healthy Don't use bad drugs. Drink a good amount of clean water Have a good amount of rest. Do not be too stressful. Drink little, or no alcohol. Disorders and Diseases :( Chronic Renal Failure: The Total failure of kidney.
Must be Replaced
Kidney Stones: Salt Crystals that block
the urinary tract. Causes severe pain and bleeding. Must be naturally
surgically, or be disinigrated
for the stones to go away.
Cystitis Bacteria infects the urinary bladder.
Casuses Inflammation Most of these are called UTI's And can be treated with antibiotics. However, disorders and diseases such as Kidney
stones and Chronic Renal Failure, cannot be treated
with antibiotics, and must be treated
accordingly. Careers for the Excretory System. Urologist Deals with problems in the
Urinary Tract (Kidneys, Urethra,
Bladder, and Ureters).
A total of Eight years in School
(Four in Undergraduate, four in Medical)
Three to Eight years in internship
An average salary of $358,000 per year.
Surgeon Provides for the transplants and removal of bad things for almost every body system, including the Excretory System.
About six to eight years in School (Medical and Undergraduate) and about five years as an intern.
Average salary is about $282,504 per year.
Hemodialysis A Process in which an artificial Kidney
removes toxic things from the blood. Requires a lot of time, is heavy, and cost a lot. Continuous ambulatory peritoneal Dialysis (CAPD) Developed in the 1980's, the CAPD was lighter, allowed more movement, and was faster to use then hemodialysis. The Peritoneal Cavity collects wastes products, then removed. Must be repeated multiple times a day. Machine also works while you sleep. Fun Facts Although you have two kidneys, you can still live with only one fuctioning. Every Minute, a quarter of your body's blood passes through the kidneys. Number 2 isn't considered a toxic waste that the Excretory System disposes of.
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