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Da Wild Da Crazy Da Vinci

No description

Juliane Vo

on 18 October 2012

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Transcript of Da Wild Da Crazy Da Vinci

Da Wild Da Crazy Da Vinci By:Juliane Vo Born on :
April 15th,1452 Childhood-1452-66 Leonardo was a very gifted
child.Being very advanced
for his age. *Leonardo received
an informal education
in Latin,Geometry,and
mathmatics *In one
childhood incident Leonardo
kite dropped over his crib
brushing his face Verrichio's Workshop-1466-76 *Leonardo started
his apprenticeship
at age 14 During his apprenticeship he
painted... Timeline The Baptism of
by Leonardo
& Verrichio Professional life-1476-1513 During his life
he studied
*and he
was an avid
prankster the Mona Lisa
is one of the most
picture by Leonardo.
People have wondered
what she has been
smiling at

.Her married
last name was Giocondo
meaning smile.
Simple as pie The Last Supper
painted by Leonardo was
a commission by a church
for a painting. Leonardo, who
was testing oil paintings tried to
dry it with heat ultimately destroying
it. Later the church was bombed in some type war making matters worst. Years later it was restored but the expressions on
the faces were not the same and some agreed the colors were too bright,
The world never yet to see the original masterpiece
Other works Lady with the Ermine inventions Study of antomy The Impact the impact Leonardo
still makes its imprint on our modern day
world. The Code in most all of his paintings he had secret meanings in Mona Lisa he had her smiling
and her last name means smile In Lady with the Ermine
her last name ment ermine And most of his portraits he
had their hands on a table Death of a Genius
Leonardo passed away on May 2nd
1519 at the age of 67 after being paralyzed for many years Images from Google Images And that's our journey. As you can see we went in a giant square. If you don't believe me check. Peace off Boop by Leonardo wrote backwards since he
left handed.Other reasons have not been idetified
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