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06.04 Imperialism: Assessment

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A. A.

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of 06.04 Imperialism: Assessment

Imperialism in China Due to imperialism, the economy in China was boosting. China's wealth was intriguing to Britain, France, Russia, Japan, and many other nations. If China was colonized, it would be easy for them to create trade routes. China gained power and money from goods. China was given many things because of imperialism. Imperialism is also impacting the culture of China as well. Since China's power was becoming extended, people from all over Europe started to live there, and the culture in China became more diverse. China would not have advanced the way it has now without imperialism. Imperialism in China What good is imperialism? The economy in China was not that great at the start. The British used opium as a way to enter the Chinese market. China refused, and that was what started the first Opium War. China was rebellious and wanted no part of it. However, since the British won, China had no choice but to accept. Soon, opium addiction became epidemic. Britain hoped that this would subdue the country. Because of imperialism, wars and issues of drug abuse erupted. No good can come of this! 6.04 Imperialism: Assessment Rotate axis and drag frames to change balance Imperialism - Reject Imperialism - Support Editorial #1 Editorial #2
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