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All facts about Louise

Louise Lienhart

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Louise

Louise Hello!!! Hi, my name is Louise and I'm ten right now but you can celebrate my birthday on May 21st. I was born in 1999. In France, my zodiac is bull, in Vietnam it is cat, in China it's rabbit!!! Cheers!!! This was my 1oth years old birthday party
I was going to go on a ride with my BFFs. This is my favorite star Selena gomez!!!
I love her style and find her beautiful.

How about you? Selena Gomez Selena Gomez Bunnies Bunnies!!! I Love bunnies, they are so cute!!!

How about you whats your favorite animal? Selena Gomez Yum!!! Yum, who could ever resist that? Adrien This is my brother he always makes jokes. Adrien Mom,Dad,Adien,Me My Family Here is my family,we are four.
1 boy and 1 girl it's equal. Dad Dad This is my dad he always smiles, makes jokes and wears weird outfits.
Well, that's my dad. Friends Melanie,Mathilde and me These are my two french Bff!
I had so much fun with them! These are my two english Bff!
Do you know them? Happy B-day!!! Mom Dad Mom is very nice. She looks just like her sister.
I love watching moovies with her on weekends night!!! Ant,Uncle,Cousins They are my aunt,uncle and cousins. The mom is called virginie,the dad Jerome, the little boy Alexander and the little girl is Flore. Cute family right!
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