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Geometry Notebook

Math Major Grade

Madi Maxwell

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Geometry Notebook

Start Great! We've found them all! I'm happy to inform you that you may keep this treasure!!! Geometry Notebook Madi Maxwell
Mrs. Gomez
4th Period
February 1, 2013 13. Intersecting Line Segments 6. Congruent 15. Line of Symmetry Let's go on an adventure to look for real-life geometry shapes and terms! But watch out, we've got plenty of obstacles to avoid! 1. Acute Angle 2. Acute Triangle 3. Chord 4. Circle 5. Cone 7. Cube 8. Cylinder 9. Decagon 10. Diameter 11. Equilateral Triangle 12. Hexagon 14. Isosceles Triangle 16. Line Segment 17. Obtuse Angle 18. Obtuse Triangle 19. Octagon 20. Parallel 21. Parallelogram 22. Pentagon 23. Perpendicular 24. Polygon 25. Radius 26. Rectangle 27. Rectangular Prism 28. Rhombus 29. Right Angle 30. Right Triangle 31. Scalene Triangle 32. Similar 33. Sphere 34. Square 35. Square Pyramid 36. Trapezoid 37. Triangular Prism 38. Vertical There it is! sorry about the dent! - An angle less than 90 degrees - A triangle with all acute angles - A line segment that touches two points on a circle but doesn't have to go through the center of the circle There's my object! - A quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides and 4 right angles 3-D - Any circular or rotating mechanism _ A 3-D figure with a circular base and a curved side surface that tapers to a single vertex - Figures that are the same size and shape - A 3-D figure with 6 congruent square faces - A 3-D figure with 2 parallel and congruent circles as bases - Any 10 sided polygon - A line segment that touches two points on a circle and runs through the middle of the circle - A triangle with all congruent sides and angles - A 6 sided polygon - Line segments that meet or cross - A triangle with 2 congruent sides This was from a calender eraser from a magazine - The imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly - A portion of a line with two endpoints - An angle greater than 90 degrees - A triangle with 1 obtuse angle - An 8 sided polygon - Line segments that never meet - A quadrilateral with opposite sides that are parallel - Any 5 sided polygon - Two line segments that cross or meet at a right angle - A closed figure with all straight sides - A line segment extending from the center to the outside of a circle - A quadrilateral with opposite sides congruent and all right angles - A 3-D figure with 2 congruent rectangular bases connected by 4 rectangular sides - A quadrilateral with 4 congruent sides - An angle that measures exactly 90 degrees _ A triangle with a right angle - A triangle with no congruent sides - Figures with the same shape, but not the same size - A 3-D made of points that are equidistant from a center point - A 3-D shape with a square base and 4 triangular sides that share a common vertex - A quadrilateral with only 1 set of parallel line segments - A 3-D figure with 2 congruent triangular bases connected by 3 rectangular sides - A line that goes up and down
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