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Ecological Sustainability

No description

Sharna Kerr

on 31 August 2015

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Transcript of Ecological Sustainability

Ecological Sustainability
There is growing concern about the way in which humans are using the world’s resources. Many conservationists believe that we will not be able to continue using our physical environment in the ways that we have in the past. This environmental crisis is a result of the limited amount of resources that the Earth contains and the rate at which they are being used or destroyed.
Global geographical issues can be
from a spatial and an ecological dimension.

spatial dimension

explains where things are and why they are there.

ecological dimension
describes the relationship between people and the environment, and the effects they have on each other.

The need to

ecological sustainability is a major geographical issue at both
local and global scales.
What is ecological sustainability?
This is where the
of the
present population
are met, without affecting the ability of
future generations to meet their needs

The aim of ecological sustainability is to improve people's
quality of life
while still
protecting the environment
Aim of ecological sustainable development
How can we achieve this?
Improve the quality of life experienced by the world's poorest people
use renewable resources
think about the future when making decisions in the present
involve people in the decision making process
develop technologies that are better for the environment
make products that are longer lasting, easy to recycle and repair
reduce waste and energy consumption
evenly share benefits of economic growth
Can you think of any further ways to ensure ecological sustainable development?
Verso - Timelapse Urban Explosion
What is your ecological footprint?
You can calculate how many planets it takes to support your lifestyle by using the link below:
Once finished:
Were you surprised by your result? Why/why not?
What could you do to improve your ecological footprint?
How do we investigate Geographical Issues?
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