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invader zim

all the characters from invader zim

P Selin

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of invader zim

invader zim gir is a robot with a dog costume Gir is a really dumb robot this is the real Gir hes Zims side-kick he is just made out of trash and candy Zim is an alien he was sent to earth do destroy it Zim is the main character Dib is his arch-nemesis He always does baby-step plans to destroy earth Dib is in Zims class and one of the only humans who know Zim is an alien Zim says hes green because he has a skin condition one time Zims fake eye fell off in recces and said he had pink eye and nobody believed Dib that he said he was an alien Gaz Zim Gir Dib Gaz is Dibs younger sister She loves pizza and video games She is always unhappy and shes gothic She likes drawing pigs,monsters... and pig monsters Her favorite place to go is Bloatys pizza hogs Gazs eyes are always closed/look closed He is Gaz and Dibs father he does not have a wife Dib and Gaz are creations from him but they are still humans Dib trys to show the whole worldthat Zim is an alien,but always fails He has the most popular show in the world and the smartest person in the world Professor Membrane He loves pigs and mosses Ms.Bitters MS.Bitters is Zims and Dibs mean teacher She is skinny, aged, and creepy in many ways There is not much to say about Ms.Bitters cause she not always in all the episodes
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