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Optimal Consultants New

No description

Chitra Chelladurai

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Optimal Consultants New

Johnson & Wales University Presented By:
Optimal Consultants Our Project To create and market a referral database
Directed Work Experiences
Industry Career Expos
Internship Opportunities
COB Women’s Roundtable
Distinguished Visiting Professor attendees
This provides Johnson & Wales College of Business faculty and staff with optimal students for opportunities such as: F A B s Features:
List of optimal students who can be sourced to meet demands of the user
Providing optimal students opportunities to participate more actively in experiential education
Eliminate email redundancy for faculty
Better prepared students for opportunities
Industry ready students
Referral Form F A Q s
Who will administer this database? Who will benefit from this database?
Are there criteria for referring students?
Do I have to nominate someone?
How will students become engaged? Gretchen Guertin
Both students and faculty will benefit from this system. Optimal students will be referred to the database for future opportunities. Faculty will benefit from a simple referral process.
Yes, the criteria are outlined on the referral form. This will allow the database administrator to search by specific criteria.
You should only nominate those who excel in the classroom
and set themselves apart from the group. This database is only for
high achievers who show a strong dedication to excellence.
Professors can include this in their syllabi and announce
it in class. Hopefully, optimal students should be self
motivated to gather more information on the subject.
Any Questions? THANK YOU!
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