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maria santillan

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of Otherkin

Double click anywhere & add an idea Otherkin The Unrecognized Race History
It all started with the oldest internet resource for Otherkins which is the Elfinkind Digest- started in 1990 by a student at the University of Kentucky for "Elves and interested observers" Otherkin Love If you can't find the distance from the sun to the planet in either kilometers or AU,
you might need to use an online conversion tool to do some calculations!!! Many otherkin dress up as their kind such as a elf will dress as an elf, Many otherkin who have children will raise them to be otherkin as well
this is known as BORNIN. Otherkin often believe themselves to be mythiological or legendary creatures, explaining their beliefs through reincarnation, having a nonhuman soul, ancestry, or symbolic metaphor What is Otherkin??? Otherkin is a collective noun for an assortment of people who have come to the somewhat unorthodox; and possibly quite bizarre, conclusion that they identify themselves as something other than human.
In other words they are an internet subculture of people who identify themselves as non human.(Often see themselves as mythological or legendary creatures Otherkin, though they may inhabit a human body,
believe that their soul is that of a being not native to Earth. These often include races mentioned in various mythologies such as: Angels Demonds Avatar Fey Werewolves Vampires Dragons Many Otherkin don't socialize with humans because they feel that don't have anything in common with them so many otherkin don't fall in love with "humans", most of the time they fall in love within their own subculture. Impact on Society... Many othekin are considered depressed and delusional to "human eyes"
Those who dress like their kin are viewed as other subcultures such as pagans, hippies,or emos. Quotes: -Many people are prone to inventing
fantasies rather than dealing with reality... it's much easier to make up crap than to work out how the universe really works. -What is it good for? It sounds like a bunch of preschool
kids crawling around going 'Rawr, I'm a tiger, 'I'm a unicorn -I hate to be harsh, but these people are just
plain delusional -I simply can't believe that people who are mentally stable can take this stuff seriously -I think that as long as they don't harm anyone they can believe whatever they want. Elementals: A being with control over the elements. Chakra: An energy point within one's body, where energy is stored Incubi: A male demon that lives off sexual relations. Avatar: the descent of a deity to the earth in an incarnate form; the incarnation of a god. Therian: belief to have the soul of an animal. Awakening: the points of realization that one is not (solely) human. Facts: If otherkin believe their soul to be a vampire, they drink blood If otherkin believe to be a wolf then they would hunt.
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