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No description

Chloe Leung

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of SECOND LIFE

Users in Second Life: Residents
Interact with each other through avatars
Create avatar resembles your real life / create an alternate identity
School Life
Study in the virtual campus in Second Life
Dress up & design a new 3D you
Thousands of designer items in Marketplace
Selection is as endless as your imagination
Artistic Bliss
Discover your artistic sense
Share them instantly with friends
Take beautiful snapshots, create videos
digital persona that you can create and customize
COM2509 Interactive Digital Communication
CHAN Chi Wing, Amy (53298366)
CHAN Nga Wing, Arwin (52642842)
CHAN Yuen Tung, Gloria (53405011)
LEUNG Chui Yi, Chloe (53474852)
Group 12 Presentation
Endless Fun
Every day-thousands of new experiences and events created by the Second Life community

Parties, workshops, contests
- Anyone can plan and throw an event
- Social, educational, competitive
- Check out the Events Calendar!
Exploring and Discovery
Second Life is...
an online virtual world developed by Linden Lab
Enter a world with infinite
possibilities and live a life
without boundaries, guided
only by your imagination.

Basic Activities
What else you can do?
Explore the world (known as the grid)
Meet other residents
Participate in individual and group activities
Create and trade virtual property and services
Linden Dollar

Who do you want to be?
Most basic way of movement

Get different perspective on things and navigate quicker than walking

Instant messaging

Bowling Green State University
Offers many courses
American Culture Studies
Technology Systems
Indiana University
School of Medicine
Have actual practice: virtual clinic to let its students learn medical microbiology and infectious disease medicine
Encounter simulated patients and work in teams to apply what they have learnt in lessons
Travel with friends
Thousands of beautiful and exciting places — all created by the Second Life community
Always has someone to talk to, dance with, learn from or love
Meet people all over the world
Without leaving your home
No jet lag
Clubs are always open
Filled with Friends
My Second Life: social network for Second Life residents
Stay in touch with residents at anytime from anywhere
Chat for free using voice or text from around the world who share your passions and interests
Advantage & Disadvantage
Easy access and low cost
- Free to download like
- People can participate without paying a membership fee
Few restrictions
- Provides broad and flexible content
- Create custom avatars, buildings and products
Creativity enhancement
- Requires residents to think out of the box to build
something with the tools it gives
- Hair in any style or color
Learning time
- Unfamiliar with Second Life
- Learning time requires at least 8 hours to gain a basic
comfort level

Chat: very slow communication tool
- Chat will still have a use
- Slow response from others



The End
Thank You!:)
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