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No description

Maria Ale

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Euthanasia

Important Events
The government does not have the right to make euthanasia illegal for the terminally ill and those in a vegetative state.
Doctors take an oath to always heal - The
Hippocratic Oath
Various religions declare life is always sacred
There's no hope in a vegetative person's recovery if euthanized
Legalized euthanasia would lead to unqualified deaths and people dying without consent

Relieves pain
If abortion is legal, so should euthanasia
It's the personal right of the patient
Vegetative person could be taking up resources that could be used to save more lives than to prolong the life of a brain dead person
Expert Testimony
Pro-Euthanasia Experts
"The rate at which medical end-of-life practices were discussed between the physician and competent patients and their relatives was substantially higher in 2007 than in 1998 and was similar to the rate in 2001."(Bilsen et al., 1)
"Assisting death in no way precludes giving the best palliative care possible but rather integrates compassionate care and respect for the patient's autonomy and ultimately makes death with dignity a real option..." (Kimsma, 1)
Anti-Euthanasia Experts
"Harmala Gupta, founder of CanSupport, India’s first cancer support group, said it is premature to talk of euthanasia in a country which has yet to make basic health care available to its citizens." (Dhar, 1)
"We voluntary declare that we as Indian Pharma Dealer who cherish the Ethos of Hinduism (A believer even in non-livings as the creation of God) refrain ourselves in selling this drug where the purpose is purely for Lethal Injection and its misuse." (Cardinale, 1)
Call to Action
-Legalization of Euthanasia can lead to doctors not following protocol -> Not asking for consent, reporting of the cases, and no expert opinion is asked

-What should we do?
We should make sure if euthanasia is legalized, the government should place strict guidelines

-Strict guidelines should include:
Who can be Euthanasized? (Ex. only terminally ill people; able to give consent either through verbal consent or will.)
-Guidelines doctors are legally bind to follow (Asking for consent, reporting of cases, asking a second physician) -> all patients in a terminally ill state should be kept on a special record to prevent illegal euthanasia of the patient

Euthanasia: Legal and Regulated or Illegal and Out of Control?
The Choice of Death
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1516: "Utopia" by Sir Thomas More is the possible first reference of euthanasia

1647: Law against suicide by American colonies

1868: Crime to assist a suicide in most U.S. states

1939: Hitler establish “Aktion T4” → “mercy killing” of sick and disabled newborns/ children

1942: Switzerland legalized euthanasia for the terminally ill

1969: Louis Kutner (Chicago attorney) → writes first living will as a way for patients to refuse life-sustaining treatment if too ill to communicate

1973: “A Patient’s Bill of Rights”( 12 rights including right to refuse treatment)

1977: New Mexico, Arkansas, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, North Carolina, and Texas enact natural death laws

1980: Pope John Paul II→ Declaration in Euthanasia opposes mercy killing but endorses use of medicine to ease pain and right to refuse treatment

1988: Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations→ first religious group to pass national resolution in favor of euthanasia for terminally ill

1989: Dr. Jack Kevorkian builds “suicide machine” in Michigan apartment costing $30 total

1990: Congress passes Patient Self-Determination Act→ requires Medicare and Medicaid providers to give patients info about right to participate in health care decisions, right to refuse treatment and right to a living will→ effective 1 year later

1994: Oregon Death with Dignity Act: term ill patients can get prescription to end life--> ruled unconstitutional by Judge Hogan in 1995

2002: Belgium passes similar law to the Netherlands (allowing both voluntary euthanasia and pas)

2009: Sept 23: G.B. clarifies laws on assisted suicide and outlines ways a person who helps another person die will escape punishment
March 8: India's Supreme Court issues guidelines on use of euthanasia

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