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Traditional Conservatism

No description

Scott Thomas

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Traditional Conservatism

Nutshell Key Elements Birth is linked to Edmund Burke and his work: 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' (1790)

He felt that the over throw of rulers, institutions and tradition was dangerous as it undermines stability Desire to conserve - skeptical of change
Supports ideas that promote stability and security
Support tradition and tired and tested institutions
Tend to be pragmatic
Background Edmund Burke BluePrint for Conservatism
-reform not revolution
-order not chaos
-security not danger from outside
-pragmatism/certainty - not ideas and abstract philosophies
-better to have order than chaos from experiments with ideas.
Change to Conserve

Robert Peel Conservative pragmatism meets capitalism and the new middle class Reaction to the Rise of Liberalism Traditional Conservatism Tamworth Manifesto:
The first modern conservative platform?
Pragmatic Do what you can do. Only do what is possible. Ready to adapt. "Roll with
the Punches" People require leadership and authority
People are flawed - capable of good/bad
Pessimistic of Human Nature

Private Property is good
Tradition is good
Politics should be pragmatic not bound by ideology or doctrine
Government should be strong
The state should interfere with the choices and privacy of individuals as little as possible
Skeptical of Utopian Ideas:
'the cure is often worse than the disease' Order is more important than ideas such as freedom, rights and equality "NO GENERATION SHOULD BE SO RASH TO CONSIDER ITSELF TO BE SUPERIOR TO ITS PREDECESSORS" Life is a journey into the unknown, the more aspects of life that you can count on the more secure you can feel"
W.A.Dawson 2012
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