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on 9 December 2013

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Transcript of CEDAM

Community Economic Development Network
CED is like a watering can to the community of Lansing by giving the community what it needs to grow to be healthy and prosperous economically.
CED is a diverse group of Nonprofits and Neighborhood Groups
CED wants to improve the livelihood of Lansing for the citizens
CED meets quarterly to deliberate about what three key projects they want to focus on to improve their community. They pick what things to make a priority by asking the citizens of Lansing what they want to see be improved or done for their community. CED is all about helping their community by giving back. They wish to see the community prosper economically.
Joan Nelson
To improve the livelihoods of all citizens in the Lansing area by promoting economic stability
As well as rebuilding the community
They change every year based on what the serve of the community showed what the people want
Bike Share for Lansing
Rebuild East Michigan Ave., West Saginaw, and Grand River
Also received a grant to build five bike racks anywhere in Lansing
Gathering Members together for the meetings
Getting their priorities straight
Time commitment issues
Members of CED
Ingham County Land Bank
City of Lansing- Planning Neighborhoods
Greater Lansing Housing Coalition
Franklin Street Hsg.
Allen Neighborhood Ctv.
NorthWest Initiative
Lansing Neighborhood Council
MsU Community Economic Development
A large amount of volunteers ready to help their community
Their Networking allows them to receive city grants for their projects
Though it is informal
The members of CED have access to multiple resources
Current Projects
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