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New at the Library

No description

Maggie Davidov

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of New at the Library

How to...
How to Navigate the Library
"What in the blazes is this 'Skills 9?!'"
- Anonymous
The Library Classroom
We've Got STUFF!
Use Airplay to Project
From your iPad or Laptop
Use LifeSize
the Video Conference Tool
All disciplines & levels
ArtStor trial January 2015
Audio books
Downloads, Kindles
Links to outside sources
Catalogs, periodicals, etc.
Evaluation tools
Online booking software
Monday, January 5, 2015
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Who are these information wizards??
Masters...of Library and Information Science
See headline above!
Who are we?!
Maggie Davidov:
Upper School Librarian, AV/Technology Loan Requests
Sam Musher:
Middle School Librarian
Stephanie Donohue:
Library Director, Materials Requests
Pam Kaplan:
School Archivist
Emily Schon:
Library Assistant, supervisor of Pages

We can:
digital and information literacies into your classroom.
Help You

: class visits, private appointments, quick questions
Book you a space in the Library
Private consultations to find the perfect book for our favorite readers.
We want your request for items digital and physical
and your feedback at all times!

How do you I tell you what we should have?
Visit the library website!

What if I want to book a librarian?
Visit the library website!
Talk to us!

What if I want to book a room or space?
Visit the library website!
The Helen Temple Cooke Library
image source: Cocoa Cake
image source: Web Objects
Digital Resources
We've Got STUFF!
Books (duh)
Newspapers & Magazines
also online
Museum passes
The Closet: speakers, cameras, video, external hard drives, etc.
The Staff!
The Space!
Skills 9: Below the Fold
Physical Resources
Goal of Skills 9
: To provide students the skills they need for classes and for life.
with as many departments possible.
bends to fit the needs of the students and teachers.
the broader mission of the library department and our goal to send our students on from Dana with the critical evaluative skills and confidence in finding information they will need for future education, careers, and life.
image source: buzzfeed
image source: inhabitat
image source: Unesco
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