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jenn augustson

on 18 March 2014

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Transcript of Wikispaces

What is a Wiki?
The first wiki was created in 1995. Today thousands of people use wikis as a means to quick, easy, and quality presentations.

Wikis allow everyday people to create and edit presentations and allows for "open editing".

What Is Wiki. (2002, June).
Retrieved February 28,
2014, from http://
What is a Wiki?
Getting Started

The first step in setting up your wiki is to decide which wiki hosting service or "wiki farm" you will use.
Setting up a Wikispace
Go to http://www.wikispaces.com/content/for/teachers
Create a user name and password
Select "Make a New Space"
Name your space and click "Create"
What is a Wiki?

A wiki is under continuous revision, as it is a living document.

The word "wiki" itself means quick or easy.

TeachersFirst: Wiki Walk-Through: The Basics.
(n.d.). Retrieved February 28, 2014, from
Module 2C/Group 1

Check out this video tutorial on making a Wikispace created by Michelle Krill.

There are lots of ways to use a wiki in a school media center. In many cases the wiki functions as the library web site and is created and maintained by the media specialist. The wiki contains links to various useful pages on the internet. The library wiki provides a way for patrons to access these links around the clock from any location.

Examples of links found on library wikis:

Library blog
Book Request
Online catalog
Virtual Library
Reading Award Programs
Grade level academic links
Book Trailers
Audio Books

Three popular wiki farms are Wikia, Wikispaces,
and PBwiki.
For this presentation, we will demonstrate how
to set up a Wikispaces account, as this wiki host
is designed for educational settings, such as the public school media center.
Wikis in the Public School
Media Center
Ethical Issues Facing Wiki Users
Wikis in Libraries

The Lewis and Clark Elementary School Library Wikispace
Internet Filtering
Technology Prevention Measures
Schools subject to CIPA
Internet safety policiec must include monitoring the online activities of minors.

Must provide education for minors about appropriate online behavior (social networking, websites and chat rooms, and cyberbullying.
Children's Internet Protection Act
requires internet filtering to be used in schools that receive E-rate funding

Not used in public libraries
Schools and Libraries accountable under the Child Internet Protection Act may not receive E-rate funds unless they certify they have an Internet safety policy that includes technology protection measures.
Must filter or block pictures from minors that are considered:
child pornography
harmful to minors

According to Bejune (2007) wikis in libraries were used for a variety of purposes, including for sharing information, supporting association work, collecting software documentation, supporting conferences, facilitating librarian-to-faulty collaboration, creating digital repositories, managing web content, providing reference desk support, creating knowledge bases, creating subject guides, and collecting reader reviews. By and large wikis, wikis were primarily used to support collaboration among library staff intraorganizationally and extraorganizationally , and used less in support of collaboration among library staff and patrons.
Customizing your wikispace
Adding Content to your Wikispace
All wikispaces have an "edit" button on the top of the page. Once you select this, you will be able to add content to your page. From here you are on your way to adding headings, new pages, embedding videos, adding links, and more. The options are endless!
by Jennifer Augustson, Cheri Brody, Jonnie Gates, Bill Hunt, and Darlene Quinn

Note: the infomation on this slide references internet filtering in a school
setting and information was obtained from the AASL. The ALA does not
support internet filtering.
Wikis lend themselves to virtually any subject that can be covered in school

If it is possible to link to it or upload it for the lesson or unit,
a wiki provides a web page (ie., interactive) framework to
present it to students

A whole course can be outlined and covered in a classroom wiki

And… don’t forget: Professional Development on a wiki can be set up like any other kind of wiki-based class, as this example below helps illustrate

Wikis don’t just let you link to documents, other web sites, or show pictures…

A classroom wiki can be used to access background knowledge,
lay foundational knowledge, and review key concepts

A classroom wiki can be used to create great Pathfinders (or WebQuests) for students

With a wiki, students can create their own pages (such as they did with the story links below)

Wikis Have Many
Classroom Uses

they allow you to show your documents too, along with video, gif, music, etc.
Wikis make it easy for students to have discussions and assess each other’s work,
either informally (in the case above) or using rubrics and getting as formal as you’d like

Wikispaces provides several customizable themes and color schemes to make the pages unique and interesting.

Educators and / or Media Coordinators have the ability to manage their wikispace by setting up controls / permissions to give authority to those who have permission to manage content posted to the wikispace.

A wiki is under continuous revision, as it is a living document.

The word "wiki" itself means quick or easy.

Teachers First: Wiki Walk-Through: The Basics.
(n.d.). Retrieved February 28, 2014, from
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