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House of Hades

No description

Mairi Johnson

on 23 October 2013

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Transcript of House of Hades

House of Hades
House of Hades
House of Hades
House of Hades
Rick Riordan
Rick Riordan is the author of The House of Hades. He started this series as a bedtime story he made up and told to his kids. Soon, he began to write it and it became a huge success - The Percy Jackson series. After Percy Jackson was finished, he continued on by continuing the story in his second series, Hero's of Olympus.
Quick Look at House of Hades
In House of Hades, we are coming to the climax of the series. This series is about a couple of kids who are demigods, or children of gods. They are children of both Greek and Roman gods, but the Greeks and Romans don't get along to well. In order to defeat Gaea, or Mother Earth, (who is trying to reclaim the Earth, destroying mortals and demigod alike) they must work together and save the world as we know it. In this book, Percy and Annabeth have fallen to the depths of Tartarus (the deepest and most evil part of the underworld). The rest of the demigods must continue on the the Doors of Death which must be closed or else monsters will never die and just continue to come back to life. The problem is, the Doors must be closed from both sides.

With Percy and Annabeth in the depths of Tartarus, Nico, Leo, Hazel, Frank, Jason, and Piper have to continue on to find the Doors of Death. Percy has told them that they would meet up at the door and close it from both sides, but there are still a couple problems. This plan assumes that Percy and Annabeth come out alive and even if that happens, if they close the doors, how will they escape from Tartarus?
Why I Picked this Book
I pick the book House of Hades because I have been hooked on this series since I read the first book (Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief) in 6th grade. This is a book that is packed with adventure, suspense, and just the right amount of humor.
This book is set, July in modern day. It is set in mainly Greece and Rome, but it does go back to Long Island and San Francisco as well. It goes over the course of a couple of weeks.
"Note to self, Leo thought groggily. Do not leave boxes of magic grenades where dwarfs can reach them."
Main Characters
There are eight main characters in this book - Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Hazel, Piper, Frank, Jason, and Leo.
In The House of Hades, there are a couple main conflicts. First, Percy and Annabeth have fallen into the depths of Tartarus and must get out alive. Also, Gaea, or, Mother Earth, is awakening. If she wakes, she will reclaim the mortal world, destroying demigods and mortals alike. Also, the Greek and Roman camps are both preparing to go to war with each other making it hard for our team to stay in harmony because there are demigod from both Greek and Roman camps. There are also numerous little teenage relationship problems going on.
Will Percy and Annabeth escape? Will they close the Doors of Death? If so, will Percy and Annabeth make it out of Tartarus?

Will Gaea destroy the mortals and demigods? Will she once again rain over the Earth?

At Camp Half-Blood and Camp Jupiter (the Greek and Roman camps) there is still much tension, but will a war break out? If so, will this cause problems between the Roman and Greek demigods trying to close the doors of Tartarus in Greece?

Will Hazel finally make her choice between Frank and Leo's long-dead great-grandfather?

Find out by reading House of Hades
The theme of House of Hades can be interpreted as many things, I, for one, believe that the overall theme is the following.
If you trust in your friends and if you tried hard to achieve your goal, you will succeed. Your friends and family make you strong.
Overall, I think that House of Hades was a great book with many suspenseful moments and fantastic humor. I would recommend this book to anyone who has read and enjoy the previous Percy Jackson books. Also, if you enjoy adventure with just the right amount of humor and any kind of mythology, you should definitely give Percy Jackson a try.
House of Hades by Rick Riordan is the fourth book of the Hero's of Olympus series which is a continuation of the Percy Jackson series he wrote previously.
Leo is the son of Hephaestus, god of fire and forges. Leo is funny, but, like his dad, a little awkward with "organic organisms". Leo has been in foster home after foster home after his mom died in a fire at her mechanic shop that Leo accidentally started, initially to save his mother.

I like Leo because he has a great seance of humor. He is the underdog, and yet, very powerful with his control over fire. Leo is willing to put himself forth to help his friends.
Jason is the son of Jupiter, the Roman god of the sky and the king of the gods (the Greek equivalent is Zeus). Because of this, Jason has immanence powers and is always expected to be the leader. Jason was taken away from his sister and mother at a very young age because Juno(Hera), (Jupiter's wife), was angered that he had children with another woman. He has grow up a leader.

As much as Jason has a great seance of leadership, I'm not a fan of Jason. I feel that the author pushed the readers to far to like him. I think that he (the author) is trying to get us to love Jason in one book as much we love Percy after seven. But as a character, I think Jason has good characteristics.

Hazel is the daughter of Pluto (Hades), the Roman god of the underworld and everything underneath the Earth. Hazel actually died in the 1940s to stop Gaea's son from rising. She was brought back by her half-brother Nico. She tried to keep it a secret, but Frank and Percy eventually found out. She now is Frank's girlfriend.

Hazel is a very unusual character. After three books with her, I still cannot decide whither or not I like her. She is very brave and is not afraid to stand up for her 'brother' Nico who saved her. Hazel also doesn't seem to be able to make up her mind. She is dating Frank, but she can't seem to get over her boyfriend from the 1940s, who just happened to be Leo's great-grandpa. She can't seem to decide between Leo and Frank.
Piper McLean is the daughter of Aphrodite, the goddess of love (Venus is the Roman equivalent). Piper has the power of persuasion. Her dad is a famous movie star who doesn't know that Piper is a demigod or that her mother was Aphrodite. Piper was desperate for attention from her dad so she often was doing things to try to get it, even if they were a little criminal.

I like Piper because her character is one that in the books, you can see her change. She has always been very good at self-defense and didn't like people interfering with her business. Piper is a very strong character and doesn't get a big head about her dad being a movie star.
Nico is the son of Hades, the Greek god of the underworld (Pluto is the Roman equivalent). Percy brought Nico to Camp Half-Blood from The Lotus Hotel. The Lotus Hotel is a hotel where time moves slower. Nico is from the past with his sister Bianca. Bianca was killed while on a quest with Percy Jackson, so when Nico found out, he held a grudge against him for quite some time. In House of Hades, a big secret about Nico will be relieved which explains a lot.

Nico is a very interesting character and I like him for that very reason. Nico is very different from the rest of the characters you find in this book. He is a lot more conservative and is a dark kind of person.
Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena, the greek goddess of war and wisdom (Minerva). Annabeth ran away from home when she was young with two other demigods - Luke and Thalia. She met Percy after Luke became a trader and Thalia died in battle, saving Luke and Annabeth.

I think that Annabeth is a great character for several reasons. One, Annabeth is very faithful to her friends and Camp Half-Blood (the camp for demigods). Also, Annabeth is a strong fighter and a great leader.
Percy Jackson is the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea (Neptune is the Roman equivalent). Percy Jackson is who the whole first series is about. Percy was dragged to Camp Half-Blood by his mom, unaware of what was going on. After his mom was kidnapped by a miniature, he had to go on a quest with Annabeth and Grover - his best friend who turned out to be a satyr - to save her. That's just the first book.

Percy Jackson is by far my favorite character in this series. Percy is a character that I have seen develop within all of the books. Percy is infinitely loyal to his friends and is willing to fight for them to the very end. Percy's character is the one that we have seen develop and have grown to love. He also is clever, although, he wouldn't get to far without his girlfriend Annabeth.
Frank is the son of Mars, the Roman god of war (Ares is he Greek equivalent). Frank is an archer, which in the Roman culture, isn't as important as other positions. Frank went to Camp Jupiter (the Roman camp for demigods) after his mother died in battle. His grandmother took him there after explaining how is life could literally burn up any day. Frank wasn't claimed by his father until Percy Jackson showed up and helped him win the war games. He was disappointed, because he wanted his father to be Apollo (Greek and Roman), the god of prophesy and archery (and numerous other things).

Frank is a character that I couldn't decide whether I liked him or not for the longest time. (I do like him now). Frank could comely be described as a 'baby man'. He had bulky everything. Frank is sweet and could be described as a little shy sometimes, but that changed quickly after taking up the quest with his friends.

I chose this quote mainly because it was funny. This wasn't exactly said, but it was thought by Leo Valdez after a little hoard of dwarfs invaded the ship and got there hand of Greek Fire - a fire that stays in containers and will explode into flames after their canister brakes. These are highly dangerous and deadly. Leo had just ducked as a bottle of Greek Fire flew overhead, barely missing them. This basically means that Leo decided that it was time to keep the weapons in a safer area where they cannot be used against them.

This quote also serves as a bit of comic relief. If this series wasn't funny, it would be a very suspenseful book with lots of very serious, boring characters. This, like many other funny little comments, lets this book not be about a bunch of teenagers killing each other and different monsters, but it has a good comical side to it now as well.
Some examples of Percy's loyalty in the books are when Percy catches Annabeth when she is falling to Tararus and then when he knows he cannot hold on to her anymore, he lets go and falls in with her intentionally. Here is a quote from the book that is a brilliant example -
"Percy clenched his jaw. He didn't care how many curses he suffered. He had to keep these leathery old hags focused on him and protect Annabeth as long as he could."
This was when they were in Tararus and every time they tried to attack, a curse from a monster of person they destroyed would come and attack them. Annabeth had been hit with a blindness cures and was stumbling around helplessly.
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