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Science Fair: Sugary Drinks

By: Allison & Meghan

Allison Linwood

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair: Sugary Drinks

By: Allison Linwood & Meghan Smith. Science Fair Project: Sugary Drinks Effect Your Teeth. Question: The question that we wanted to answer was: How unhealthy are sugary drinks, and what can they do your teeth? Hypothesis: Allison: I think that the diet pop and the juice will effect the egg more than the fizzy juice because, juice is often very sugary, sometimes more sugary than pop, and diet pop is not good for you so it might be harmful for your teeth.
Meghan: I think that the juice and diet pop will affect the eggs more than the light coloured pop. They have a more intense amount of sugar and dye than the light pop. I think the eggs shell (tooth surface) after 12 hours will be slightly broken down and been eaten away by sugar Observations First with the dark pop the egg seemed to fizz. In the lighter pop it only fizzed a little but with the juice it didn't fizz at all. The eggs will be left in for 12 hours.

After 12 hours
Taking the light pop egg out and observing, we noticed the pop changes the colour of the egg to a pinky colour. With the egg in the dark pop, after taking it out we noticed the the colour change and there was also a lot of sugary build up on the egg. Finally with the egg in the juice3e we noticed that the colour changed and some of the surface of the egg actually got eaten away. Thus the results of not brushing your teeth after drinking a sugary drink in 12 hours. Results: We were both right in our hypotheses. The shells of the eggs were all eaten away by the sugar in the drinks. We think that the amount of fizz that appeared around the egg when we put it into the liquid had something to do with it, because the drinks that had the most fizz around the eggs caused the most damage to the egg (teeth material). The purpose:
To see if certain pops affect your dental health. Procedure Materials - eggs (using as teeth like substance)
- pop/juice
- cups
-paper and pencil
- camera 1) Hard boil eggs, and pour three different types of sugary drinks into cups.
2) Put hard boiled eggs into the sugary pops/drinks and let them soak in for 12 hours.
3) After the 12 hours look at the eggs and compare.
4) Write down observations for the 12 hours. Analysis: We did this experiment to show the effect that sugary drinks have on your dental health without brushing your teeth. Conclusion: We learned that sugar is a very hazardous thing for your teeth without proper brushing. So, if you drink pop our juice always be sure to brush your teeth properly, or your teeth may end up looking like this:
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