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Twelfth Night - Act 1 Scene 2

No description

Rosie Cooper

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Twelfth Night - Act 1 Scene 2

Who Governs Here?
Viola asks the Captain who governs Illyria. The Captain explains the Duke Orsino governs Illyria and he is seeking the love of Olivia, a virtuous maid. Viola says she has heard of the Duke before because her dad was talking about him.
Can I serve the Duke?
Viola is asking the Captain if she can serve Duke Orsino and he explains that the Duke only takes men on board. So Viola decides she is going to disguise herself as a man and pretend her name is Cesario. She asks the captain for his help to do so, and he agrees to help.
Where Am I?
Viola gets washed up on a beach after being tossed out of a ship at sea when a storm struck. She asks the Captain where she is and what happened to her beloved brother. The Captain tells Viola she is in Illyria and he doesn't know what happened to her brother but it is perchance that she was saved.
What Happened to the Boat?
The Captain describes to Viola what happened to the boat when the storm struck. He explains that he last saw her brother clinging to the mast of the ship that had come off the boat in the storm. He could see him miles away from everyone else.
Twelfth Night - Act 1 Scene 2
By Maddi and Rosie
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