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Lack of Womens Rights In China

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Yumna Haskins

on 9 September 2013

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Transcript of Lack of Womens Rights In China

InequalityTowards Women In China
-forced sterilization: Sterilization involves surgical methods that make a person incapable of reproducing for those who have already had their one child.

There have been introductions of women's rights laws in china but is often ignored, or is not known of.
1. Why do women in China have less rights than men?/What rights do Chinese men have that women don't?
2. How do they enforce this?
3. When did Chinese women start fighting for their rights?
4. Where in China is this most common?
5What have people tried to do about it?
6. What is happening because these rights are being taken away?
7. Is there inequality at schools?
8. Equality in Work and Politics
"Men belong in public, women belong at home."
Men are seen as the providers for their family, they prefer to be in control and own the wealth of the family while women cook and clean. Women are seen as weak with low thinking and working capacities.
Since 1949 the peoples republic of China promoted woman's equality and freedom in culture and society.
-Boys are more likely to be enrolled at school than girls.
Women in China aren't being treated with the respect and recognition as they deserve.
-coercive birth control: birth control sabotage
"there have been many new laws to regulate women's rights, to see that women are treated equally. But China is also an Asian country where laws are first and foremost, jut ink and paper."
The one-child policy is leading to a shortage of women in China. A factor of this on-going trend is the abortions of females. Many Chinese families strongly believe that it is more essential to have a male rather than a female so female abortions are common because of the one child policy.
The state of being equal in status, rights and opportunties.
Southern and rural China is where most female abortions occur or abandoning female children at a young age, especially in poverty stricken areas.
Throughout China and Hong Kong there is said to be inequality at work, where even if women work more than men they still get paid less.
What is Equality?
"Very few bosses are open minded, they think women are not so controlled in their emotions. Some women journalists perform very well but in our media organizations, 80% of the chief positions are held by men."
The one child Policy is a key factor, most families want their name and blood to carry on so they want to have a boy. This is why men/boys are respected and liked more than women/girls.
Women have an extremely low participation rate in politics which leads to miss representation of women
Chinese culture think men/boys are better than women/girls because they can get more work done e.g: building houses, and hey have more power/work force.
- forced abortion, there are 177 boys born for every 100 girls, sometimes even 130 boys. Infant mortality rates are 27% higher for girls. 400 million births have been "prevented" through the 'One-Child Policy'.
Men think women do not have importance in the politics in their village because of their weak thinking capacity and physical condition
When did Chinese women start fighting for their rights?

Is there Inequality at schools?
Where in China is this most common?
"you could be asked to pay a huge ransom, or fine, or be forced into an abortion" - Yang Zhizhu
What have people tried to do about it?
Chris Smith, Reggie Little John and Evan Grae Davis got 200,000 signatures on petition to stop gendercide and forced abortion in China.
They tried to get inside the Chinese Embassy several times but were not granted access.
How do they enforce these rights?
"Whether or not these laws are practiced is another question. Depending on education and literacy levels, these laws are largely unknown throughout the country."
"these signatures are from 200,000 people from more than 70 countries. They represent a widespread, international outcry against forced abortion and gendercide in China"-Little John
He also stated that he could see somebody walking in the embassy and that every time they rung the doorbell, nobody answered.
Men have more rights than women, this is because in Chinese history men we seen as the rulers and the women were their partners but were no given the same status.
-Quotes from slide two:
www.dw.de/womans-rights-lag-behind-in-china/a-5332559 and edition.cnn.com/2013/08/19/world/asia/on-china-transcript-women

-Quotes from slide eleven:





Armies of civil servants and enforcers went around and made sure the policy was applied. they made sure that they exposed women hiding their pregnancies.
"China has introduced nine-year compulsory schooling for boys and girls but it's a national policy that isn't held up in all parts of China. There are still villagers in which parents send their sons to school for full nine years, but pull their daughters out earlier"
Equality in politics and work


Graph: http://blog.euromonitor.com/2010/07/china-faces-growing-gender-imbalance.html
- In the higher levels of school e.g. High school there is the biggest gender gap
Why do Women in China have less right than men?/ What rights do men have that women don't?
What is happening because of these rights being taken away?
The peoples republic of China's goal is to achieve equality between men and women.
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