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Year3 Academy

on 1 July 2014

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Transcript of Muslims

Ramadan is the 9 month of the Islam year and it is also a celebration.Ramadan always comes on a different date of the year. Ramadan started on 600A.D.For children the most hard thing is not eating or drinking anything.{fasting}. You can start fasting at the age of 7 or over.Its called Ramadan because it is a holly festival for muslims.
muslims group 3
Quran is a holy book for muslims.They read the holy book from Muhammad.The Quran is written in Arabic.
The Qu'ran can never be on the floor and always must be clean.Muslims believe that Allah has sent the holy Qu'ran to them as his words.
Allah has 99 names which are all about him. He was born before Ramadan. Allah is a very important god to Muslims. They believe that there is only one god which is Allah.
decorations:the use good things to decorate their home.Muslims decorate their home with stars and cresent moons. They also hang sparkely lights in the chidrens room.
The 5 pillars are:Shahadah,Salah,Zakat,Sawm and Hajj.The english names are faith,prayer,charity,fasting and pilgramage.
Faith is that there is no god but Allah also Mahamad is the messenger.
Salah is to pray to Allah 5 times a day. They pray so they remmeber Allah.

Zakat means you have to give money to poor people(charity). They try to sacrifies all their money to the charaties.
swam is for fasting for muslims.

Hajj is to visit kaba in Mecca.
They wear special clothes for Eid.When they celebrate Eid they always wear new clothes.They wear scarves and hats to cover their hair.

Mecca is in Hijag, Saudi Arabia . Mecca is important because the prophet Muhammad was born in that city.The Kaaba is a cube that the Muslims walk around in a Mosque.
The black stone
There is a black stone in Mecca . Muslims beleive the stone came from heaven to Earth by Allah. T he kaabah is covered in
a black cloth and the black stone is in the center. Muslims walk around the kaabah during there pilgrimages.
Prayer Mat
The prayer mat is for Muslims to pray on.
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