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The Legacy Of Quanah Parker

No description

Amelia Foster

on 28 April 2015

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Transcript of The Legacy Of Quanah Parker

The Legacy of Quanah Parker
Quanah Parker
Quanah wearing white men clothes
Comanche raid
Cynthia Ann Parker, Quanahs mother
Comanche on the pitiful reservation
Peta Nocona, Quanahs father
Quanah Parker and Tom burnnet
Elk creek, Quanahs claimed birth place
Battle of the adobe walls
Star House
Middle life~
Quanah lived the rest of his life on the reservation. He took up many of the white mans ways. Quanah supported the objective of education and influenced th People learning the white men ways. He promoted the ranching industry and became rich and succsessful off of stocks. Somtimes, Quanah and Theodor Roosevelt would even go on hunting trips together! On Fbuary 23, 1911, Quanah died at the Star House.
Later Life
The Legacy Of Quanah Parker
You know the ferocious Native indian that ruled the southern plains of Texas? It should ring a bell, if your confused im talking about Quanah Parker. Quanah Parker wasnt just another american indian, he was a strong leader and was devoted to his culture. Quanahs hard work left a legacy that is still rememberd in Texas today.
Early Life-
In 1845 Quanah Parker was born. He was the son of Peta Nocona, the Comanche chief and Cynthia Ann Parker, captured as a white child by the indians when she was 9. Quanah claims to have been born on Elk Creek south of Wichita but its up for debate considering many others claiming that he was born on Ceder Lake. Quanah had a long life ahead of him but what he did not know is that he would be the last cheif of the Comanche indians forever.
Quanh Became a very skilled at a young age. He even became the cheif of the comanche, the tribe relay on him. One of his biggest battles fought was the battle of the Adobe walls. 26 white men ad 2 white women somehow held off 700 indians. This led to Quanahs downfall of an indian and surrender onto the reservations.
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