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on 13 November 2013

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What is personal pollution?
Personal pollution is a kind of pollution that we produce and create, is the pollution of our body and lifestyle with harmful actions. This may include:
Drug abuse
Emotional or physical abuse
Bad living conditions and habits
Poor personal attitudes
In some cases, contamination may be caused by individual carers, while in other cases is caused by voluntary action.
The causes of personal pollution include driving a vehicle and throwing trash on the side of the concrete.
Polluting the soil is another cause. An individual should do all they can to preserve the environment.
Some of the common sources of personal pollution include fertilizers, pet waste, hazards around the home (motor oil, antifreeze, and gas) urban runoff (oil, grease and toxic chemicals
Personal pollution can have the effect of some diseases, affecting polluters and also those who are contaminated.
Smoking: present diseases such as asthma, affecting the person who smokes and also passive smoking, respiratory and heart disease
Drinking: cirrhosis, liver disease, heart diseases
Drug abuse: affect nervious system, heart diseases, neurological system and mental diseases

How to prevent?
Positive action in your life can help eliminate this and other types of pollution which can lead a more productive and satisfying.
Take care of yourself.
Avoid smoking, drinking and get high.
Respect for people who do not smoke.
Thinking of you and others taking care
Prevent personal pollution causes
Juanita Peláez
Daniela González
Paula Figueroa
Daniela Bernal

Pictures and images
Give 2 examples of personal pollution

Say 2 Ways to stop personal pollution

What you learn about this presentation?

What do you think about polluters?

How can we persuade people to take care about pollution?
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