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Kiwi Analysis

No description

Ignacio Masias

on 10 June 2011

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Transcript of Kiwi Analysis

Kiwi Character Innocent Risk Taker Has a clear goal Persistent Cute Music Moderate rythm with
baselike instruments Music stops at certain
points Rythm slows down once
Kiwi has jumped. High pitched instruments are used at this point. The director personifies Kiwi
giving him human attributes and
desires so that the viewer feels
identified with him. Meaning and Thesis Camera
Techniques Always taken at eye level
with the character. Many times the camera films in a
way that the viewer can see what
Kiwi is looking at. Camera gradually closes
up on Kiwi as he falls of
the cliff. Meaning
Thesis What the director is trying to tell
us in this video is that it is more
important to pursue your goals than
to live without a passion. Life is
meaningless if you don't try to meet
your goals. Kiwi dies accomplishing his goal, but he still ends with a smile on his face. Life is pointless if you do not meet your goals. Setting Colorful and childish Natural and peaceful Cartoon so that it complements with
Kiwi's innocent and childlike character. THE END
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