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Components of Language Arts Instruction

Basic overview of areas involved in Language Arts instruction.

Jeanne Williams

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Components of Language Arts Instruction

Components of Instruction English/Language Arts Speaking and Listening Foundational Skills - Phonics, Word Attack
Literal Comprehension
Higher Order Comprehension Reading Foundational Skills - Handwriting Keyboarding
Grammar and Usage Writing Conventions
Vocabulary Acquisition and Use
Knowledge of Language and Craft Language Instructional Models for ELA Research Skills Reading Literature
Reading Informational Texs Composition Skills
Narrative Texts
Argument Texts
Informational Texts Interpersonal Communication Collaboration and
Discussion Presentation Skills and Technology Finding Relevant Information

Evaluating Sources and Information

Notetaking and Summarizing

Documentation Direct Instruction Reading-Writing Workshop Project Based Learning
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