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No description

Merili Reismann

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of i3L

The Roadmap to International Success
The most successful student recruitment team in Europe!
Consultant to Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia
Strong background in finance and marketing with special focus in Asia
Vice Chairman of the Board, Baltic Chinese Association
Consultant to Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia
Thorough experience with EUROPEAN UNION projects
High knowledge on digital marketing -creation of next generation`s marketing materials
Special focus on Southwest Asian markets
Experience in the field: 6 years
Consultant to Ministry of Education and Research in Estonia

Experience in the field: 4 years
Experience in the field: 2 years
Creator of world-known admission system, used by top universities
Voted the best international student advisor in Estonia
Know-how and experience on
different cultures of the world
Achievements at Tallinn Tech
From 0 ranks to top 500 with 1,5 years (QS Ranking)
Voted as the best student services in Estonia
Establishment of one of the most successful summer schools in Europe (EIA)
Extensive network with ambassadors, consuls, government officials and VC-s all over the world
Yearly admission to 400 international students
Increasing the number of international students 16 times in 5 years
Cooperation agreements with top universities like Standford, Fudan University, Berkeley, Aalto, MIT
Sponsorships with multinational companies like
Samsung, Microsoft, Ericsson, Skype, ABB
Increasement of the budget 5 times in 5 years using different projects
1. Strategy
Create strategy
Set goals
Pick your main team
Communicate within the organization
Start to work! :)

2. Activity plan
Prioritize your activities
Find your target markets
Choose the best partners in every field
Constantly talk about the progress - communicate!
Make the budget and timeline
3. Activities
Institutional cooperation
Student recruitment
Cooperation with industries, government and ministries
International projects
Public relations for local market - make people aware of what you are doing
4. What we learned
Everybody matters for success
You can only achieve the goals on international level with teamwork
Be patient
Be ready for failures, they are the best teachers
Do not be afraid to make mistakes and be different

Have a lot of fun and go with the ride! :)
Successfully organized many international lectures, seminars and conferences all over the world
Owner of Little Monkeys OÜ
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