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How to capture the reader

No description

Leanne Woolcock

on 3 February 2016

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Transcript of How to capture the reader

5LW get ready for your lightbulb moment
Please could the following children report to me for a mini task
Harvey, Joe, Isaac, Parsnip and
LO: To use 'Show not tell' to describe an emotion
Please write 1 sentence about this picture
Please could the following children come to me and select an envelope
Sorrena, James, Evie, Caitlin and Megan
Your Guided Reading challenge is:

To find
at least
2 examples of 'show not tell' in your own reading book.
After our mini tasks, you will go back and edit your writing so far, and then continue showing off your author skills as tomorrow we will be looking at ending it with a bang!
Let's look at these examples and see if we can infer what is happening
Find your paper from the beginning and turn it over. Now write a sentence about Finn using 'show not tell' strategies
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