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Classroom Management Plan

No description

Ty Braenovich

on 27 April 2016

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Transcript of Classroom Management Plan

Learning for All
Student-centered Learning
Democratic Classroom
Waterson: Being responsible citizens through civic education
Introductory Letter to Parents
Encouraging parent/teacher communication
Class environment/content
How to contact or meet with me
Activities Continued
Day 5: Summer vacation recap, where students left off, where to begin

Day 6: Get to know you game, become familiar with materials, textbook, technology, etc.

Day 7: Intro to content, "Know Where You're From" activity

Day 8: Finish "Know Where You're From" activity, discuss
Community Building Activities
Day 1: Roll call, meeting students, class description.

Day 2: Ice breakers/get to know you games, hand out parent letter.

Day 3: Fire drill/active shooter drill practice, school&classroom policies/expectations.

Day 4: Another ice breaker/game, content expectations (allow students to share ideas), homework/late work policies
Classroom Management Plan
By Ty Braenovich
How to Begin Class
Students will come into the room in an orderly fashion
When the bell rings students will get quiet
I will give instructions and students will have materials ready
Class will begin
How to End Class
I will warn students when there is 5 or less minutes left
Students will try to finish what they're working on, or at least their current thought
I will instruct students on when to begin packing up (2 minutes before)
Sometimes students may have to turn things in on the way out: exit ticket, notes, test, etc.
How to React When a Student is Sleeping
First warn student in individual manner, speak to them after class
If sleeping becomes an everyday problem call parents, discuss with them
Continue based on parent/student responses
How to Address Cellphones
Students can have them as long as they are not using them during class, only exception would be free time
First offense: warning, instructed to put phone away immediately
Second offense: take phone and keep it until class is over, brief conference with student
Third offense: take phone and send to the principal's office for the day
If this becomes a problem then other measures will be taken
How to Establish Classroom Rules
Use school policies as a starting point
Make rules clear and have them posted in the classroom
On first few days of school students should read them, know them, and understand them
Consequences should be included
Responding to Disruptive Behavior
Warn student with hand motion or gesture
Call on student, verbal warning, remind them of the rule pertaining to disruptive behavior
Conference after class
seating chart, call home, lunch detention, ISS
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