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Monkey book report


Ella Cifaldi

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Monkey book report

By:Ella Cifaldi Book Report 5 That I knew Five Things I learned Inferences Sentences with Vocab. words *Primates are divided into 2 broad groups, Antrepoids and primitives.
*Primitives include bush babies, lemurs and tarsiers.
*Antrepoids include monkeys, apes and humans
* The largest primate on earth is the Mighty Silverback
*More gorillas are dying because they are being hunted for their skin. Microcebusmurinius- The smallest primate on earth
Secretion- The act of releasing a substance that fulfills some function within the organism
Galago crassicaudatus- A type of bush baby
Vulnerable- Easily attacked or hurt
Ungainly- Clumsy
Unwary- Not cautious or watchful
Canopy-Roof like projection or covering 1. Little squirrel monkeys are very light
2.Capuchin monkeys have VERY strong. 3. Gorillas can act like kids sometimes. *Gorillas are primates.
*Gorillas hands are bigger than the hand of an average man.
*Gorillas are VERY smart.
*If you mess with gorillas' babies, they will attack you.
*Gorillas beat their chests to scare their predator away and to make them selves look bigger than they are. Baby Gorilla on mothers back Proof 1. "Little squirrel monkeys can climb out onto thin branches that would break under the weight of larger monkeys."
2."The Capuchin monkey hits the nut against a branch then cracks the nut open."
3."Young gorillas spend their time playing games like tag or follow the leader." Microcebusmurinius can hide very well because they're so small.
Skunks release a very bilious secretion when they get scared.
The Galago crassicaudatus can climb trees very well because they have little claws that hook onto the branch.
Baby chimpanzees can be ungainly at times.
When chimps wake up, they can be very unwary.
Gorillas live under a canopy made by the forest. 3 of the Authors Opinions
"The Madagascar monkeys may have been carried across from Africa clinging to fallen trees"
"It's hard to imagine that a Mighty Silverback gorilla is related to a Tiny Mouse lemur"
"The Aye Aye is the most particular looking lemur" New Vocabulary http://www.voki.com/mywebsite.php Any Questions Monkeys
By: Ian Redmond
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