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Ch 2 - Argumentation - Where do I start?

No description

Stephen Ban

on 14 August 2015

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Transcript of Ch 2 - Argumentation - Where do I start?

The Prima Facie Case
Arguments sufficient to cause an audience to suspend reliance on presumption

A prima facie case upholds burden of proof

A prima facie case is topical
Fields of Argumentation
A social or professional context…

in which people argue…

in order to make decisions…

or build a body of knowledge.
Roles In Argumentation
Encourages change in belief or
behavior—plays offense

Discourages change advocate
supports—plays defense
Argumentation takes place over a piece of figurative ground

Presumption specifies who initially
occupies the ground


Burden of Proof
Obligation of the advocate…

to contest the ground by offering arguments…

logically sufficient to challenge presumption.
Argumentation - Where do I start?
Summary of Presumption
Presumption initially granted to opponent

Determines what advocate must do to “prove” the proposition

Presumption describes, it doesn’t judge
Inherency & Prima Facie Case
Inherency identifies cause of the problem
(or barrier to solving the problem)

Inherency can be structural

Inherency can be attitudinal
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